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10 Proofs Doofers Are Excellent People (With Gifs)

We asked, you answered. Here are the most “wholesome” encounters you’ve had with your fellow doofers.

1.”Seeing an argument between two dudes escalate real bad, super quick. The off chops dude I was sittin’ next to at the fire looked at me with the biggest smile, eati’n his spag bowl, and said, ‘Wow, dinner and a movie’. Wasn’t even stressin’. Such a wholesome dude.

Like, who wants to hurt?

2. “I once helped an old lady over a road. Maybe it was a log I don’t remember clearly.”

Never left the tent, actually. But the intention was there.

3. “A dude was walking around the dance floor cutting up a huge watermelon, handing out slices to whoever wanted some, and there was a lil kid wandering around the dance floor being followed by his dad, with noise cancelling headphones on. The guy with the watermelon leans down, motions to the little kid if he wants some watermelon. The kid’s reaction at first was excited but then he started waving his hands & shaking his head saying ‘no no no’ like he realised ‘wait, stranger danger/don’t take things from strangers’, and the guy with the watermelon nodded & bowed at him, & wandered off to ask more people if they wanted some. I just thought it was a really sweet interaction.”

Nice humaning dude.

4. “I went to a doof with my ferret and she was nervous and a small pixie lady let me lay in her lap while she calmed me and I calmed my ferret.”

Little know fact: Ferrets can be quite intense.

5. “Jack, veg tacos, some random good viber singing, ‘Rothmans, you don’t gotta spin up that chop tonight'”

Cheers, bro.

6. “When it started snowing at a doof and we were sleeping in our tent that collapsed and our lift home had left and a wonderful group of friends I still call family took us under their wings and drove us home in exchange for KFC.”

Friends look at you like these guys look at KFC.

7. “Lost my pals. Was taken to a campsite. Fed water and chips. Then they walked around with me for an hour to find my friends

When a random crew welcomes you in.

8. “Accidentally bumped into a guy whilst dancing and the first thing he said was ‘Oh g’day mate would you like some red goon?”

Look how friendly he is!

9. “At one of my very first doofs about 15 years ago, I remember walking past this guy who was just running, with his arms flailing above his head yelling out “I’M HAPPY!!!! I’M HAPPY!!! I’M HAPPYYY!!!!” It was both wholesome and hilarious.”

When you hit your life goals.

10. “Recently I realised that in all of my early years I was surrounded by the most amazing group of guys who always made me feel safe, never ever were sleazy and had my back always. I never had that in other communities. Thank you to those amazing trail blazing Byron dance crew in the 90s and the vibe tribe in Sydney. Big love and massive respect xxx”

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

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