We Asked 44 Doofers For Their Best Wildlife Encounters, Here’s What They Said (with GIFS)

We asked, you answered. Here are the “best” encounters with wildlife at a doof according to you, the doofing community:

*Please note, we do not advocate doing any of the weird shit listed in this article. We don’t not advocate it either.


1. “I accidentally ate half a huntsman at my first doof whilst tripping. Pretty sure I gained it’s powers though so we’re all g.”

I am deeply uncomfortable.

2. “Got bitten by something on the ass while I was sitting at camp, usually camp away from everyone, fang marks the size of a snakes, face swelled up, luckily was close to town and had a mate drive me to the hospital!”

Ass is better than face I guess.

3. “Centipede crawled out of log after being on fire all night… this motherfucker just wriggled his way out the ashy inflamed log and fucked off, not from this planet.”

No one suspects the centipede.

4. “Goanna in the tent at Earth Freq was quite a scene.”

Are you sure it wasn’t trying to seduce you?

5. “Feeding goannas eggs and seeing how high in the sky they could jump, I was shitty [ing?] myself the whole time but was so cool.”

… are you sure you weren’t trying to seduce it?

6. “Wearing a massive huntsmen as a fascinator.”

How everyone else reacts to a spider on the head.

7. “Red belly black coming out of market stage on Sunday mid-party, crowd watching and erupts as a snake catcher finally grabs him up. Music playing the whole time.”

The vibe.

8. “I found a huntsman spider in someones tent so I decided to put him on my arm and just crawl around, forgot about the spider and then probs 2 hours later was on the d-floor and realised the spider was still with me that whole time through my cooked adventures.”

It takes a special person to do that

9. “I played with a scorpion on a piece of bark on the side of the dance floor for around 15 minutes, before realising that it was a horrible idea… I promptly let it go in the scrub out of the way.”

Like this. But the cat is a dude and the crayfish is a scorpion.

10. “A wolf spider fell onto my face at New Psycle this past NYE.”

Who knows, maybe it left some babies on your clothes!

11. “Found a 2m goanna on top of the hill at Dragon Dreaming.”

No GIF here, just a sick photo of a goanna at a doof.

Trippy Encounters

12. “I was one with the wombats at Strawberry Fields one year about 10 years ago. If they were real or not I dunno. But we had a connection.”

He knew what’s up.

13. “Spitfire caterpillars. They metamorphosis into sawflies. Legit thought this was some alien shit when the dude who spotted them showed it to me.”

Actual footage.

14. “I once met a guy at a doof with a pet moth named Caruso. I patted it. This moth was bigger than my hand! Admittedly, I was tripping balls, but I don’t think I made it up in my head.”

Oh it was real. And a percussionist too.

15. “We all gathered around a stunning beetle once, magical colours, ooing and aahhing, then [redacted] stumbled in, stood on it, and then asked what we were all looking at!!!”

Goddamnit Butters!

16. “Went in the bush to pee at Jungle Love (not a doof but still a story) and looked up to see a deer 2m away from me. Spent 10 minutes staring at it trying to project my good vibes acid aura. I think he got it.”

Majestic As Fuck

17. “Two bucks fighting over 6 doe during pack down of Harmonise Festival. The clashing of the horns was so loud we could hear them over power tools about a km away and was awesome to watch when we went to see what it was. It was like being in a David Attenborough show.”

Hi tech scene recreation.

18. “Fluorescent green scorpion.”

Fun fact: All Aussie scorpion species fluoresce.

19. “Can’t remember which doof, but it was in the Watagans, 100s of fireflies drifted through the campsite in the middle of the night. Felt really magical.”

There’s always one at every doof.

20. “When we were in the desert for Eclipse 2004 a roo came through at about 50Km/h, it was incredible, he touched the ground every 10metres!!!”

Wait, is that glitch hop?

21. “The frogs that say ‘Me’ at Warwick.”

That wasn’t a frog dude. That was you.

22. “About 30 brumbies galloped past the main floor Sunday arvo at Summer Dreaming a few years back.”

Not sure what to do in that situation to be honest.

23. “Oh emu on dance floor at a West Aussie NYE doof years back was pretty nuts, came, had a bit of a stomp and looked at all the wild life then went on his way.”

Yep. That checks out.

24. “Ebor, mid Saturday night cicadas came and landed on everyone on the dancefloor.”

When you finally crawl into bed after 6 hours of loose activities.

25. “A stunning Hercules moth was perched right outside the girls bathroom at Orin Aya a few years back. I hadn’t realised that my boyfriend was waiting for me so I spent about half an hour making everyone who walked past marvel in its glory. I forgot to wee in the end.”

Behold: Hercules moth!


26. “A friend ate a bunch of mushrooms and decided to take a walk off the beaten track. Met a kangaroo who began masturbating furiously. Neither would have believed it if they weren’t both there and neither would I. Nature is majestic.”

Oh hello…

27. “A swarm of Nosferatu bats. The bitten survivors were… changed.”

I will never turn down an opportunity to reference this movie.

28. “The wombat at Tribal Origins (I think it was called). Walked through the middle of our camp and let everyone pat him except one person that he seemed to hate. Never seen a wombat try and bite someone before or since.”

Wombat is sick of your shit, mate.

29. “This 7 ft Sasquatch with dreads offered me a doobie.”

Ah yes, the only native species with more chlamydia than koalas.

30. [redacted]: I saw a dude climb into a “wombat” hole once.

[redacted]: Haha my partner fell in one.

I hear they’re big fans of holes.

31. “A friend tripping hard stumbled across the dam at [redacted] one evening a few years ago, where there were a few people enjoying the serenity. My friend notices a turtle hanging out with them, gives everyone a funny look and walks off. Promptly runs into me and states “The people over at the dam brought their turtle here. Who brings a turtle to a doof?!”

Well, to be fair, turtles do love a bit of bump ‘n’ grind.

32. “I once had a big ass goanna lick my toes when I was half passing out on top of my swag.
I squealed in fear.
I ran.
It ran.
Then we laughed and laughed.
Good times.”

He still remembers the way you taste.

33. “Yeah nah, this one time I was having a camp, try to have a break after 3 days of constant music. All snuggled up in my swag and then, out of nowhere this snake crawled up my arse, coiled it’s way up my spinal column and then crikey the bugger bit me on my pineal gland!!!”

10/10 would do again.

34. “Mate owns a dingo. Takes it to doofs. I wonder how many trippers think they saw and tamed a real dingo in the middle of the night tripping balls.”

You live well.

35. “Got bitten on the flap by an ant twice at 2 separate doofs in a matter of weeks.”

You gotta laugh or you’ll cry.


36. “I was on the dance floor at Earth Frequency this year right up the front in the middle and I seen a dragonfly and it flew right over to me and landed on my nose it was so cool! It just floated on the spot and I walked off the D floor and it flew away.”

37. “Found this huge earthworm when we were tripping. I originally thought it was a bunch of caterpillars following each other. So cool though, we put it near some cow poo after this.”

Photo credit: Megan Hazeldine. You’re awesome Megan.

38. “Seeing the dance floor at rainbow party as someone escorted a spider across the ground to safety.”

Fun fact: Australia has more of the cute jumping spider varieties than anywhere in the world!

39. “Echidna pats.”

What… is happening?!

40. “I saw my first ever wombat.”

This is life.

41. “A sugar possum high fived me.”

Peak happiness.

But, why?

42. “Peed on a red belly.”

Sorry. I have no appropriate GIF for this story.

43. “My mate once smoked a fly through a dab rig no worries hahaha.”

This makes me rather uneasy.

And then there’s this guy:

44. “I am the wildlife at a doof.”

Never change, ya filthy animal.

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