Tales of Survival: Stoned Shopper Endures Minor Social Interaction During Munchie Run

Paddington smoker Ethan Miles has shared his harrowing story of survival after becoming a reluctant participant in a public social interaction during a toked-up late-night Coles run.

According to Mr Miles, the routine shop quickly turned into a nightmare after he was forced to exchange pleasantries at the local Coles deli.

“After about a few minutes of mentally rehearsing my opening line, ‘600 grams of honey soy chicken wings, please’, I managed to pull off the request without a problem,” he said.

Things took a turn for the worse, however, as he was waiting for the wings to be weighed.

“Completely unprompted, the guy behind the deli smiled and asked, ‘How’s your night going, mate?’” Mr Miles said.

“After thinking about the question for a good 10 seconds I managed to squeak back a ‘Good thanks’.”

“It took all my energy, but I’m just glad I got out of there okay.”

While the interaction was highly distressing, Mr Miles said it could have gone much worse.

“At least I didn’t include a ‘How about you mate?’ with my response. Who knows what direction that could have gone in?”

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