BREAKING NEWS: Beyond The Valley “Overdose” Possibly Fatal Snake Bite

20-year-old Callum Edwards, who tragically passed away last week after falling ill at Beyond The Valley festival, may not have died from a drug overdose.

Callum’s brother Liam has told the Herald Sun  tiger snake venom was found in his brother’s system.

Callum died three days after being flown to hospital on December 29.

Despite intense media coverage, his family has been adamant that Callum did not die of a drug overdose, with his mother saying, “We definitely know there was a reptile involved.”

Tiger snakes inhabit most of Victoria, with known occurrences concentrated around Melbourne and surrounding districts such as Lardner, the town where the festival was held.

Figure 2. Recorded occurrences in Victoria
Source: Victorian Biodiversity Atlas (records post 1979), version 15/5/2017.

Police are awaiting the coroner’s final report, but have said, “The circumstances surrounding his death are yet to be determined, however it is not being treated as suspicious.”

Callum’s funeral was held today in his hometown of Mansfield, Victoria.

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