Your Guide To 2018 NYE Parties: The Best Events In Every State!

As December rolls on, chances are you’re looking for something fun to do this NYE. Whether you hail from Freo, Darwin or Brisvegas, here’s a sweet little list of worthy events across the nation.

1. Tanglewood, VIC

Photo credit: Tanglewood Festival

Thornton, Lake Eildon, will become home to Tanglewood Festival for the fourth time this NYE. Tanglewood is not about big headliners and crowds, but rather creating an intimate, thoughtful space where attendees can get back to their roots. Get ready for the electro-indigenous beats from OKA, politically-provocative verses from rappers Combat Wombat, and some fresh psytrance from Pspiralife.

Tickets here.

2. Lost Paradise, NSW

Photo Credit: Lost Paradise

Head 70 kilometres north of Sydney to find the stomping ground of Lost Paradise, a music festival that will unite doof queens, tech-heads and indie rockers alike. This year will bring the psychedelic vocals of Tash Sultana, as well as pop-powerhouse M.I.A. Fans of electronic music can look forward to techno veterans BICEP, dance queen CC:DISCO! and Peggy Gou.

Tickets here.

3. Cosmic Dreaming, QLD

No pics necessary for this secretive underground party.

Lovers of psy-trance and dubstep can rejoice at the conception of Cosmic Dreaming Festival, based at Maroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Self-professed as being a “snap from the golden era” of trance, this festival’s heavy-trance line up (Psy-Kite-Tree, Ilex, and SCXMM) is backed up by a plethora of delicious visuals and lighting effects. By keeping the crowds small and the line-up curated, organisers 2cu3t Productions are guaranteeing good vibes.

Tickets here.

4. Freedom Time, WA

If their DJs are anything like their visual artists, this is gonna be mint!

Bring the silly season to the boiling point in Perth this NYE with the help of Freedom Time. After four years of dance parties across Melbourne and Perth, Freedom Time is bringing in another hot line-up to the Roe Street car-park in Northbridge. British Donna Leake will be bringing her dancy-tech tunes, backed up by a list of loved Aussie artists Andy Garvey, Leo James, and DJ Jnett.

Tickets here.

5. NYE at the Little Red Door, SA

DJ Madusa will be there, doing what she does best!

OK, so this one technically isn’t a doof. But, if youre a lover of house, you can get your fix at the Little Red Door in Adelaide’s city centre this New Year’s Eve, where you’ll find curated list of local Australian talent. Get dancing to DJ James Ingram’s smooth silky beats, back it up with Professor X, Street Level, and the rhythmic tunes of DJ Madusa.

Tickets here.  

This article was written by Emma Bendall. When she is not writing, she can most often be found watching food documentaries or cuddling her cats.

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