Bohemian Beatfreaks Is Beautifully Different From Any Event You’ve Been To, Here’s Why


Do you daydream about trading concrete facades and lonely city-thoughts for towering gum trees and creative sparks flying between you and a kindred spirit?


Do you long to be embraced, heard, or healed?


Are you itching for that moment when the music washes over you so completely that something inside releases, and you find yourself shaking free from the shackles society has ever-so-subtly wrapped around your ankles?


We all need freedom, love and connection – and Bohemian Beatfreaks has all three on tap.


Here’s why you’ll want to be present at this year’s gathering.


Freedom: Join Another Type Of Society Under The Stars

You won’t know how good it feels to leave the world of notifications and news stories until you’ve packed your car, hit the road, and realised the type of country you’re headed to. Nestled in a luscious valley surrounded by sandstone cliffs, mountain ranges and state forests, Bohemian Beatfreaks boasts one of the best sites we’ve ever seen.

Upon arrival, you’ll find yourself in a flat, open campground atop the valley floor. Meander across the footbridge to the festival proper, and you’re deep in the forest, gigantic ghost gums towering overhead and the sound of cars magically replaced by the soft smells of gum-nuts and grass.

With just you, the tribe, and the wilderness, you’ll be able to freely embrace the music in a way that’s impossible in pubs and clubs.

Festival organiser, Erik, has three top picks:

Chris Lake: Squishy, fun, upbeat house that makes standing still impossible.
Shiba San: “I’ve wanted to book him since 2014.” One listen, and you’ll know why.
Dirtwire: “Bluesy and grassroots, they’re a different flavour from what the crowd is used to, but perfect for the country setting”.

Whether you like to have a dance, a wander or plop your behind down somewhere comfy, you’ll thoroughly enjoy soaking in the diverse array of tasty tunes at Bohemian Beatfreaks.



Love Yourself; However You Like To Do It

Bohemian Beatfreaks is big on self-replenishment and expression – the two main ingredients in any loved up salad! So, needless to say, this isn’t one of those festivals where you’re forced to choose between the dance floor and your campsite.

During the day (when you’re not dancing, napping or exploring), you can stretch your stresses out and prepare your bones for a boogie with yoga classes in the Boho Lounge. Or, take in a talk in one of the enlightening workshops that follows.

By night, dance in the moonlight to the electrifying electronic lineup at either of the two stages, sip on tea and watch chill, live music in the Boho Lounge, or snuggle down for Netflix under the stars in the late night cinema.

Do whatever wholesome human experience makes you happy. It’s time to fill your cup!

And, when it comes to the crucial second ingredient – creative expression – the organisers are taking the lead.

“We put a lot of energy into our stage designs. When we dream up ideas and put amazing energy into the stages and spaces, that has a direct influence on how people feel. We create a space designed to feel special, so you’ll feel positive and free to express yourself too,” Erik says.

If you need a little direction for your costume choices, they’ve got that covered too. Bohemian Beatfreaks has some banger themes this year (and prizes for best dressed include tickets to Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2019!):

Friday Night = Party Animals
Saturday Night = TIME & SPACE
Sunday = The Letter ‘P’

You’ll love the way you look and feel at this festival. But that’s nothing compared to how much you’ll love the people you encounter…



Connect With Your Tribe

In a society where people are more separated than ever before, Bohemian Beatfreaks is all about fostering that vital human connection we all crave.

There’s no phone reception, which means you can truly be in the moment with a tribe that’s travelled from all ends of the East Coast to be with you in this tiny, temporary town.

The vibe? Positivity and fun. No judgement here, baby – just 3000 people who want to share a beautiful experience, and bring that love and light back into the world when they go home.

And, even though it’s a big festival, you don’t need to be afraid. Bohemian Beatfreaks is one of the safest parties in Australia. DanceWise will have a chillout space and roving angels to check on partygoers, and the organisers have teed up a mega-safety crew that includes highly trained and super respectful security, skilled medics and nurses, private firefighters, and an emergency coordinator on site.

Plus, Blow Me First will be there to help you stay safe on the roads. It’s an investment, but totally worth it.



So, I guess at this point I should probably mention that there’s actually only 250 online tickets to Bohemian Beatfreaks left (and a handful of hard copy tickets in stores)! And, there won’t be tickets on the gate!

Plus, with glamping available and shuttle buses to the event from the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Ballina, you don’t even need a tent or a car to come!



So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets here and lock in one heck of a loved-up weekend!

And don’t forget to follow the Bohemian Beatfreaks event page on Facebook for all the latest updates.

PS: Speaking of updates, remember to leave your naughty things at home this year. NSW police will be onsite for harm reduction purposes and on the roads to keep everyone safe, so you should travel with the expectation you could be swabbed and or searched. Safety first, kids!

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