Letters to L.L. “I Can’t Dance Without Wondering What Others Think, Help!”


“I can never feel comfortable enough to dance without wondering what people think, help me, Laura!” – Toby, QLD


Hey Toby!

Great question! You’re not alone my friend; many others face this problem, myself included.

It’s hard to break free of that well trained thinking machine up there, but that is the key to the freewheeling, footloose dancing you crave.

One of my hottest tips for getting into the groove on the dance floor is to start listening intently to the music. Focus first on one instrument or rhythm that is standing out to you – for me the best place to get grounded and out of my head is the bass.

Allow the bass to start moving you, and as you begin to really connect, the rest of the music will be able to synthesise with your body. Do this and you will be the lord of the dance floor in no time.

Be mindful, however, that when you are feeling so free, wonderful and connected, you will inevitably start to shine bright and stand out to those around you. This attention can knock people out of their groove, making them all too aware and conscious of what they’re doing with their body. Keep your focus on your breath, heart and music to maintain the free movement you’re creating.

You should also know how infectious your freedom will be. By expressing your body the way it desires, you’ll provide an energy that others around you will be able to tap into and start to do the same for themselves. It is a beautiful gift to give yourself and everyone around you.

Good luck Toby! Dancing can take time and practice – a little bit like a moving meditation.

One last tip: Don’t move to the music – let the music move you!

Much Love,
Lady Laura

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