An Open Letter To Gladys Berejiklian – The Rave Killer


Drugs have killed another two people at Defqon this year (toxicology pending), and New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has decided that enough is enough: Defqon must go!

“But surely there is a better way?” you say. “Surely, we could bring in pill testing, a procedure already in used for decades in Europe and the UK (in some European cities, police publicly support pill testing) and advocated for by various doctors, activists and academics?”

Nah, she knows better than that.

Gladys will not even consider allowing pill testing. Despite describing the arguably preventable deaths as “absolutely tragic”, she has proposed, neigh, VOWED, to shut down the music. Why? Because allowing pill-testing would be a “green light” to drugs, and there is “no such thing as a safe drug.”

It’s funny you say that, Gladys. Because we are surrounded by addictive drugs that your government has deemed ‘safe enough’ for public consumption every damn day. We NEED sugar and caffeine to function, right? Despite the evidence stacking up that both are detrimental to human health?

Then there’s your precious Crown Casino plying people with alcohol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is ironic because every day in Australia, 15 people die and 430 are hospitalised from alcohol-related illness and injury. That’s 6000 directly preventable deaths a year, not counting the domestic violence victims and other preventable deaths (FYI: 1 in 8 deaths in people under 25 are attributed to alcohol or fuelled by alcohol-incited rage).

And let’s not forget that someone dies every half hour in Australia from smoking-related illness.

But with well over $8 billion made annually from cigarette taxes, and infinitely more than that accrued from the alcohol excise, I guess those don’t count as ‘drugs’ in your ‘high principles’ playbook that costs kids their lives.

Let’s be blunt here. Making something illegal doesn’t get rid of that something; it just puts it in the hands of criminals. And prohibition won’t save your society. Prohibition kills people. It kills A LOT of people. How many globally have died from The Man shooting them over a stick of weed? Or languished in jail cells their whole lives over personal possession? In Australia, kids at festivals or having a night out on the town regularly end up hospitalised or dead from dirty drugs.

How many more have to die just so the government can prove their point that “Drugs are bad, mmkay?” It is utterly unconscionable to have the means to test already available drugs and potentially save lives, yet REFUSE to do it. What is it called again, when you let someone die on your watch just to prove a point?

Gladys, my darling, you KNOW pill testing saves lives. You know this, and you do nothing. You do nothing because what’s most important to you is that you ram your ideological immorality down the throat of every kid along with the pill they should have the right to pop, to hell with whether they die or not. And as far as I am concerned, that makes you complicit in every drug death that occurs during your time as premier.

Good luck shutting down Defqon.

I hope your kids become ravers.

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