3 Ways Smartphones Are Sabotaging Your Well-being


Most of us choose to remain blissfully unaware of the suffering our unapologetic obsession with these little gadgets creates in our lives. Here’s what your sordid 24/7 love affair with that precious handheld gizmo is doing to you…

1. Your smartphone is sabotaging your sleep

Researchers have shown that smartphones prevent people from turning in early at night. The blue-and-white light on your phone has a hypnotising effect that deprives you of much needed sleep, which can in turn lead to anxiety and depression.

Today, it’s not just illnesses like anxiety, sleep aepnea, and asthma that are causing sleep disorders – the excessive use of smartphones is now leading contributor.

2. Social media makes you sad and lonely

Smartphones are sabotaging our relationships. The results of recent studies show that socialising through a phone screen makes young people feel lonelier and more depressed than those who switch off for just a week.

Feeling blue? Don’t reach for Facebook. Scientists and your parents agree that you’re better off doing screen-free activities like exercising, reading a book, or learning a new skill.

Plus, once you curb your dependency, you’ll have more time to devote to your face-to-face personal relationships.

3. Smartphones make your brain dumber and lazier

Studies have also confirmed that using smartphones regularly causes people to lose concentration.

So, while you’re spending time on social media anticipating messages, counting the likes, and waiting for notifications, your ability to focus is wasting away.

The bottom line

No matter what type of content you’re consuming, you can’t expect your personal wellbeing to be uplifted while your energy, happiness and brain power are all draining away!


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