Psyfari Jamboree: Totally Wild Old School Doofing With Good Vibes ONLY

On this day, grey-haired hippies and fresh-faced millennials rise early to pack their very best costumes. You know the ones – those glittery, often glamorous and sometimes garish treasures tucked under the bed all year patiently waiting for such an occasion as this.

Gathering more snacks and treats than they can eat – because they are intent on coming with something to give – travellers young and old start to feel a little flutter in their hearts.

Then, after packing Holden Barinas and converted economy vans with, toys, water, and camping outfits that will either shelter many or be deserted in favour of a better setup, their journeys begin.

On this day, doofers of all walks of life are drawn towards a mystical locus, deep within the ACT hinterland, where the beeps and buzzes of modern society simply cannot reach.

It’s a place where everyone will be welcomed – both by nature’s calm embrace and by new and old friends who too are lured towards that mysterious magic pulse reverberating deep within the bush.

“Where are they going?” I hear you ask.

Why, they’re going to Psyfari Jamboree.

Now in it’s 8th year (or is it 9th? it’s been a real whirlwind of a decade for Stevo, the event’s organiser), this doof is like any other.

The Vibes Are Just So Flipping Good!

To put it plainly: Everyone in the doofing community knows that Psyfari has a special vibe that simply cannot be bought – It must be cultivated.

“There are folks who have been attending our events for ten years, this isn’t just a ticket-buying audience, is more like our family,” Stevo explains.

Tickets – by the way – are a little bit exclusive this year. After growing to over 4500 people in 2016, and putting on up to three events per year in the past, organisers are getting back to basics in 2018 by focussing all their energy on one glorious event.

“While the huge crowd created an amazing atmosphere, it does tend to change the nature of the event somewhat. We’re limiting tickets at roughly 50% of what we had available for the previous event, and we think this is still a great number to get together and have a grand old time.”

“For the first month, only people who had supported us in the past or bought tickets in the past had a chance to buy tickets. This is our community.”

Need Your Ears & Soul Made Love To?

Those lucky enough to score a pass to Psyfari Jamboree are in for a treat, with several acclaimed international artists making this doof their only outdoor party performance during their Australian visit.

Stevo’s picks for the event are three undeniably masterful producers:


Flooting Grooves

As well as tunes curated to bring doofing back to what we all came to know and love when we first hit the scene, Psyfari is set to be a rather sociable and scholastic experience.

Expect to learn from enlightening workshops, and share skills with the beautiful people you meet – something Stevo says happens just as much between festival organisers as it does with punters.

“Seeing something done well or done in a creative way is always motivation to try something new yourself. The beauty of this scene is that it’s not a competition. Sharing skills and knowledge gives us strength.”

“Punters would be surprised about the collaborations happening behind the scenes with NSW doofs and festivals working together. Many of the same faces can be found contributing to many events,” he says.

At Psyfari Jamboree, connecting with your fellow doofers is the aim of the game, and Stevo encourages all punters to embrace the opportunity to ignore their phones and have a chat or a boogie instead.

“We feel that at a lot of events where there is phone signal people are distracted, and they aren’t engaging with each other.”

“The average concert these days is a sea of lit up screens. While just about everyone is guilty of taking a photo or video at a gig you’ve got to admit it’s hard not to miss the days when everyone’s eyes were on the stage and each other and not locked on their phone screen,” he says.

Besides, there’s no reception where this old school doof is held anyway.

Expect An Ethereal, Ethical Location…

Which brings us to the next exciting mention: Psyfari Jamboree is held on the one and only Caloola Farm – a place built on good vibes and lush ground (think: acres of green bushland punctuated by echidnas, clear streams and blue skies).

The farm supports programs for disadvantaged youth year round – meaning ticket holders can feel good knowing they’re supporting a venue that’s supporting the community.

And, seeing as we were on the topic of nature, we couldn’t help but ask Stevo about Psyfari’s policy when it comes to going “au naturale”: Is he in support of freeing the nipple at Psyfari? What about the scrotum?

His answer was too good, “Nipples should be as free as the wind, no question there. Scrotums though, it’s probably not something we’d encourage. Not because we’re against nudity, but simply as we’re a family-friendly festival and it would depend on all the parents being ok with their kid’s seeing that.”

“At the end of the day though we all have nipples if you feel like taking your top off go for it. Just don’t forget to slip-slop-slap.”

Aside from your glorious nipples, you should also be sure to bring:

  • A head torch! Unless it’s a full moon, you’ll be stumbling around blind.
  • A water bottle and water tank for your campsite. It’s summer in Australia, drink up!
  • Costumes! They’re pretty much essential at our events.

And, there are a few things you should leave at home, including:

  • Dogs, which the venue prohibits.
  • Glass bottles
  • Anything illegal

And, Stevo has a final word for anyone who is lucky enough to have Psyfari Jamboree popping their doofing cherry: Get in there! The music sounds better in the middle!

You can buy tickets here and get all event updates from the Psyfari Facebook page.

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