Doof Etiquette: How Our Readers Voted

We asked and you responded. Behold: Your take on the do’s and don’t of doofing!

 1. Should there be a medic/paramedic/nurse to man the first aid tent for the duration of a doof?

Yes: 89%

No: 11% 


2. Do you welcome doggies at doofs?

Yes, run wild and free you furry, furry beasts: 60% 

Yes, but please, leash that bad boy up: 10% 

No, not appropriate and/or safe, yo: 30%

“I love a friendly doggie. Not doggie doo though, eeew!”
“Dogs aren’t to blame, it’s owners who allow their dogs to stuff up the vibe, huge problem over the years, trance breakers.”


3. Should kids be on the d-floor after dark?

Yes: 28% 

No: 72% 

“I like to show the kids the cool lasers and lights at the start of the night, but after 8 o’clock kids defs shouldn’t be there.”

4. Should doof organisers reserve the right to ban folks from their events because they have been violent at doofs in the past?

Yes: 100%

“Everyone deserves the chance to change but if its a repeat offender then heck yes!”


5. Do you bring things (food, water, treats, etc.) to a doof for the specific purpose of sharing?

Yes: 92%

No: 8%

“I usually share cups of tea or chai, I love the expression I get when I hand a hot cuppa over on a cold night or morning! Priceless!”
“A favorite I’ve found is starburst chews. Always have a good laugh at the excited faces when those packets come out, like kids in a candy store.”


6. How discreet should doofers be when it comes to mood-enhancing bits and bobs?

Keep it in the car/campsite, doofs are still a public place: 36%

Anywhere and everywhere, that’s the point of a doof: 45%

Leave it at home and try getting high on life: 18%


7. Should there be babies at doofs?

Yes, I applause this: 52%

No, it’s unacceptable: 48%


8. What do you think of festival headdresses?

Appropriation: 67%

Appreciation: 33%

“It’s a free world, let them wear whatever they want.”
“Ima just leave this here…”
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