Down to Earth with Equilibrium

D: Let’s start with how Equilibrium came to be?
E: Equilibrium started as a couple of mates playing with a Midi controller 4 years ago and really came into it’s own with us taking out Top 3 positions during Your Shot’s 2016 Competition. It really gave us a great platform to show our love for the music and the crowd response was phenomenal!
D: How would you describe your music genre?

E: Our music style is a spectrum of Trance. Progressive to Psychedelic, Hard Trance and Trance music. We even do techno for some events. It really depends on the vibes and the kind of event we are playing at.

D: Can you tell us a bit more about the Psytrance Music Scene in Melbourne?

E:It is definitely a strong scene with many crews doing events constantly around the year. Melbourne has a wonderful Psytrance scene that everybody should experience. The Psy scene in Melbourne is spoilt for choice right now! Between weekly events with crews like Progression Sessions to the huge touring artists coming through our Festivals and venues like My Aeon. It’s really amazing to have Artists and Venues in Melbourne providing a space for everyone’s personal taste!
D: Favourite track of all time?
E:That’s a tough one! We even think it’s impossible to name one!
D: What do you have planned to get the crowds ready for the weekend ahead?

E: We have a few secret weapons prepared and some great melodies and varied basslines. Hopefully there will be something new for everyone partying with us. Apart from your own set –
D: Who are you both looking forward to see most at Earthcore?

E: Unbelievably we get to share the stage with 3 inspiring DJs which are Outside the Universe (Outsiders & Electric Universe) and Sean Tyas. We’re also incredibly excited to be taken away by Alpha Portal.
D: How do you both feel about the Australian Bush Doof and Electronic Music festivals?

E:Doofs in Australia have a great environment as we’ve spoken to many people from overseas complimenting the bush doof scene here as it has such a welcoming environment and it makes everyone feel included. I’m (Alex) a country boy anyway so it just makes sense to celebrate the greatest back yard in the planet! It’s sad to see how many Electronic Festivals have taken a lot of heat recently and the city scenes have certainly moved back to the clubs, but it’s also so great to see how many new fans of Trance music are prepared to make their way out of their comfort zones to embrace the Bush scene. If we embrace them our scene will only be stronger for it.
D: Will you be playing any of your own stuff?

E: Not this time, but there are projects in the works. Stay posted…
D: What genre can we expect to hear most from you?

E: It will be mostly Progressive Psy-Trance, but there will be some surprises in there!
D: Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?
E:From international DJs, the local scene and people around us. We have an amazing crew that we work with and everyone is very positive and inspiring. But I think we inspire each other through playing more and more under equilibrium. Oh last but not least, our fans! We actually got noticed last year in Earthcore walking around as patrons. Someone came up to us and asked if we were ‘Equilibirum” and complimented on our set at a party we played before that. Situations like that really makes us wanna work harder!
D: This set is a huge opportunity for you both, can you share plans for Equilibrium for the next few years?

E: We will be looking to play on a wider platform and working on some edits in the very near future. As for the next few years, we would like to keep this project ongoing as long as we can!


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