A First for Ace Ventura at EFF

Only a few weeks away from getting to see Ace Ventura at Earth Frequency Festival! *squeals like a little girl*.  Dreamland was lucky enough to get to have a chat to Yoni Oshrat about his set at EFF and a whole bunch of other cool schtuff! It’s safe to say he is one groovey mover and we are even more excited to see him at EFF than ever before!

D: There isn’t a trance loving soul who isn’t stoked to be seeing you at Earth Frequency Festival 2017 – what can we expect from your performance at this amazing event?

AV :You can expect a tight DJ set with my newest tunes and remixes, as well as the latest in cutting edge banging psychedelic tunes from my fellow favourite artists.

D: What are you looking forward to most about performing at Earth Frequency Festival 2017?

AV: I’ve heard great things about this one from a few artists, and noticed how it grew over the years. Really looking forward for my first experience there, the line-up is ridiculous so there’s a lot to see and hear.

D: How do you feel about the Australian doof and electronic music festival scene?

AV: It’s up there with the best of them for sure. Beautiful nature, great weather and awesome people make for a fine gathering experience. I had my fair share over the years yet never got to Earth Freq, so I’m excited.

D: How does Australian doofing compare to other countries festival culture attitudes?

AV: Australia is so remote, you guys live in your own bubble, and when you party, you party. The attitude is always friendly, it’s always a g’day mate vibe – So there’s a laid back, easy going atmosphere in Aussie festivities that is clearly distinct from the rest of the world.

D: Any chance that we will get to hear some new tunes from you at Earth Frequency Festival?

AV: But of course, there are always new tunes, some finished hours before leaving to the airport – & it will be no different in February…lots of new stuff from me and my projects Alpha Portal and Easy riders, for example.

D: Earth Frequency Festival is varied and unique in its musical genre and overall style, if you could see any act at the event, who would it be?

AV: There are many I would like to see, namely Beardyman, Desert dwellers, Gaudi, Spoonbill, Opiuo and a bunch of Zenon records artists.

D: Are we going to get to see your face among the crowd at the event or do you have to flitter off to more performances?

AV: I love hanging in festivals and especially in Aussie ones. In last year’s rainbow serpent I arrived at the evening, left the noon after – and was on the dance floor the whole time (other than playing my sets of course !). I do have two other gigs on that weekend but I’ll spend as much time as I can with you guys.

D: Myself and thousands of others (I assume) have always wanted to know, did the inspiration for your artist title come from the films ‘Ace Ventura – Pet detective?’

AV: Obviously the name originates from the movie – but loving the film isn’t the main reason why I chose it – My father’s original name was Ventura. He was a rising composer in the 70’s in Israel when he changed it to Oshrat….So using it in my career is my way of respecting the family legacy!

D: Do you have a favourite piece that you have produced?

AV: Hard to say but I guess my track ‘THE LIGHT’ which I produced with Lish back in the day is up there.

D: Tell me about the outlook for the future, plans for future tours and musical progress for Ace Ventura?

AV: My life is a never ending tour, I fly somewhere every weekend and that isn’t changing anytime soon (Knock on wood). Music wise in the last year I was focused mostly on my new project with Astrix ‘Alpha portal’. Really happy to be a part of it and work with such a legend. But I sure ain’t neglecting the Ace Ventura project – coming up are some interesting releases and collaborations with Krumelur, Ryanosaurus, Freedom fighters and a lot of remixes from my last album and beyond.

D:What is your best, most hilarious or most embarrassing musical career anecdote?

AV: Best would be my long sets at Boom festival in Portugal, namely my 5+ hours one in 2016, definitely a career highlight. The most embarrassing moments are pressing on the wrong CDJ and bringing an abrupt silence in the party…doesn’t happen a lot but when it does…it’s not good 🙂

D: Could you share your best party trick and will you perform it for us at Earth Frequency Festival?

I shall hypnotise you mercilessly and you shall be mine for the entire duration of my set. No escape! Resistance is futile!

D: Favourite all time song?

AV: Alan parsons project – Eye in the sky

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