5 Cost-Saving Benefits of Using Aluminium Trailers as Opposed to Steel

The Aluminium VS Steel battle has been waging for a long time, and we’re going to put it to bed today. First of all, it really is a matter of preference, as there are pros and cons to both as with anything in life. We do however lean more towards aluminium trailers as there are many cost-saving attributes involved without compromising on quality or capability. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of opting for an aluminium trailer:

1 – Steel Rusts 

There’s nothing quite as unattractive as rusted metal, particularly when you’ve only owned the trailer for a short while. Simply put steel rusts and corrodes easily, whereas aluminium doesn’t. If you want to keep a steel trailer rust-free there is an awful lot of maintenance and upkeep involved, which isn’t the ideal choice. 

2 – Steel is Cheaper for a Reason 

If you’re on a budget, a steel trailer is going to get the job done, there’s no denying that. And for the sake of lugging goods and materials from A to B (particularly if it gets messy) then there’s no shame in having a rusted steel trailer, though if you can afford to go a step higher and invest in aluminium then it will be worth your while. Why?

3 – Aluminium Trailers are Lighter 

And a trailer that weighs significantly less isn’t going to break the bank when it comes to fuel consumption. A lighter trailer will result in less money spent on gas, and in addition to that aluminium trailers offer a much smoother ride. That being said, manufacturers claim that aluminium can’t take much of a beating than steel can, though unless you’re driving off-road like a maniac, you shouldn’t have any issues. 

4 – They Look Fantastic

There’s no denying how beautiful aluminium looks, and that glow is easy to maintain as well. Simply by applying an acid wash on the trailer every couple of years and it will be looking brand new all over again! A steel trailer on the other hand is going to be far more difficult to maintain, particularly if you want your trailer to be looking brand-spanking new. 

5 – The Bigger Load

It’s all very well steel being a stronger, tougher alloy, though due to the fact that it is significantly heavier than aluminium, you’re unable to carry as much weight. Of course, that’s not because the steel trailer can’t handle it, but because there are weight restrictions which how much you can carry on the roads. So, if you want to carry a higher payload, aluminium is an excellent choice. 


Again, there are pros and cons to both steel and aluminium trailers, it really is dependent on what you need the trailer for. Steel is an all-around workhorse that can indeed take a beating. That’s not to say that aluminium is not up to the task, but steel is invariably more suited for it. So, if you work in a particularly rough industry and you’re not too fussed about the aesthetic appeal of your trailer then perhaps steel is the way to go. However, aluminium is simply so much more effectively across the board that it makes far more sense to roll with it!

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