8 Floral Colours and Their Meanings

The gift of flowers is always a wonderful thing to share with someone, particularly on a special occasion. Flowers come in a wide variety of wonderful colours, each with its own unique meanings & interpretations. So, if there’s a specific message that you’d like to convey to someone, you can do so with the subtle nuances which beautiful flowers afford – Or, you could select the flowers based on the recipient’s favourite colours, there really is no right or wrong way to do it. 

In this post, we’re going to look at 8 of the most common floral colours and their meanings so that you can customise a little flower box of your own and find the perfect combination for that special person in your life. 


Red typically represents love, passion and desire, which is why roses have long been a popular choice for valentine’s day and a useful tool when confessing one’s undying love for somebody. 


Yellow represents energy, warmth and happiness, which makes wonderful gifts for weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day and any special occasion in general.


Purity and innocence is what is most commonly associated with the colour white. White flowers make beautiful gifts for new mothers, particularly when mixed in with hints of blue or pink depending on the gender.


Orange represents courage, confidence and friendship. These would make the perfect gift for a close friend who is going through a particularly tough time. For example, they might be nervous about an up-coming interview or exam! 


Purple has long been associated with royalty, wealth and luxury and is wonderful gifts for an occasion, particularly if you want it to feel extra special for the recipient. 


Feminine, compassion and motherly love are often associated with the colour pink which is they’re so popular on Mother’s Day. 


Great is associated with good fortune, money, health and the environment. Want to wish somebody well in the hospital or on a new venture that they have begun? Green is always an excellent choice! 


If peace, loyalty and trust are virtues that you hold dear, then blue is the colour for you. This colour is a great choice for those who want to make amends and remind their loved one’s that they can rely on no matter what. 

It’s Down to Your Own Interpretation and That of the Individual 

These are merely rough guidelines and generalisations when in actuality the most beautiful thing about gifting flowers is sharing your own sentiment and interpretation of the colours and species. That and the fact that there are so many different species of flower for you to choose from! If you want to give the perfect gift to a special person in your life, then we would highly recommend that you go in flowers. The type and colour of which is entirely up to you!

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