The Dream Team

Welcome to The Dream Team

Without the amazing efforts of these beautiful people, Dreamland would be far from what it is today – please honour them in their awesome contribution!

Laura Finlayson

Laura is the founder and creator of Dreamland Magazine.  She has a degree in business and journalism and began Dreamland as a project from her heart to yours.  She has put every part of her soul and any energy to spare into the making of this community hub and in her deepest desires she wants to support, encourage and help people to live the life of their Dreams.

Murray Paterson

Murray is an accomplished photographer who adores his art. Many of his photographs star on Dreamland. He also has a special knack for researching, understanding and enlightening in the kindest of ways, he plays a huge part in the Dreamland vision.  Without his support Dreamland would not be in the place it is today.

Vivienne Mitchell

Viv has been apart of the Dream Team from the very beginning, supporting and encouraging it’s growth through her wisdom and her words. She has a degree in journalism, sarcasm and wit.  Viv is now the Director of Media Campaigns and Journalism and plays a huge role in the life and love of Dreamland – her contribution is absolutely priceless!

Lucy Biggs

Lucy can be described as non other than a bright, bubbly soul who is so absolutely generous with her time, love and energy.  She has been with Dreamland for close to a year now, but it feels like forever. Lucy has a Bachelor of Media and a Bachelor of Commerce Marketing. At a time when it was needed most Lucy offered her amazing services of Public Relations and Marketing and has played an integral part in the expansion of this hub.

Tori Biggs

Tori offers her natural knack and passion for writing to summarise the beauty of the festivals and events that the Dreamland team attend. She has a Bachelor of Media and a Diploma of Screen and Media (Video Production) and sure knows her way around a camera.

Adrien Rossignol

Adrien in an accomplished videographer – like amazeballs!  He has a Technical Video Degree and over 5 years experience working as a documentary technician and editor. His amazing skills have brought a life and excitement to the magazine that was not their before.  His contribution has helped the growth of Dreamland immensely! His skills are absolutely invaluable and we honour his work to the highest degree!

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