For The Love – the epitome of ‘it was a vibe’.

Ocean views, palm trees and a mesmerising sunset; what more could you ask for on a Sunday? Maybe to match it with a spectacular lineup of incredible artists and a few refreshing beverages? If your answer was ‘yes’, For The Love has you covered! 

Overlooking the glistening waters at the glorious Riva St Kilda in Melbourne, this special edition of For The Love featuring headliner Duke Dumont emanated positive energy and genuine good times.  

The complementary components of sound, nature and fashion made the overall atmosphere of the day difficult to fault. Although there was a humbling reminder that one’s personal experience is determined by their mindset and decisions, the combination of the event’s elements provided ideal conditions for a harmonious tone to remain throughout the day.

The crowd was a friendly bunch, with no major incidents or aggressive behaviour witnessed (even when personal bubbles were inevitably invaded during the closing acts). There also appeared to be many new relations formed between strangers and quite a few of these through offering superior views via shoulder rides. 

The radiating energy of patrons was certainly guided by the stellar lineup of both high-profile and up-and-coming artists. Kicking off the day at 2pm with Melbourne-based producer London Topaz, the high-quality of the performances and acoustics did not waver even up until Duke Dumont graced the crowd with his closing set at 10pm. 

Dena Amy, Owl Eyes and The Kite String Tangle led the crowd through an array of blissful moods and melodies into the later afternoon. Following on, Touch Sensitive and Running Touch picked up the sentiment and added a tad more momentum as the sun began to set from the stage. 

Then, as predicted, Cassian’s DJ set held the crowd in a trance of euphoric vibes before Duke Dumont dropped track after track into the night. ‘Red Light Green Light’ was definitely a favourite, which had the crowd wide-grinned, throwing their arms up into the air shouting the lyrics at the top of their lungs (I can confirmed some voices were lost come Monday morning).

Along with the very fitting location, the amenities of the event improved with more access to purchase drinks at the bars and a larger toilet block. However, Riva’s drink card system still confused some attendees who find the process tedious and unnecessary. Additionally, there were a few options for food on site including a completely vegan-friendly offering, as well as handy drinking water stations.

With the intention to create unforgettable experiences by bringing together the right people, in incredible places and with impeccable music; For The Love fulfilled expectations to be more than just a ‘day party’. The event instead portrays the importance of shared moments, an appreciation of meaningful connections and the value of artistry, which leaves an impression well beyond the event itself.

This article was written by Tomasina Dimopoulos. When she’s not working in communications and PR, you can find her writing poetry and having a boogie. Follow her on Insta: @tomasinadim & @taste_these_words.

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