Here to heal: EFF 2020

I was sitting at the back of the main stage during opening ceremony, having one of those magical conversations with someone I had just met, when I found myself saying the words: “I am here to heal this weekend”.  My new friend looked me deep in the eyes and replied “We all are Laurs, we all are”.

And every year I see this is true to a deeper level, that’s truly what this event is all about.  Creating the space and atmosphere which is the fertile soil for all of us to unlock, release and actually, completely, connect.  It is set up to heal, every single aspect, part of an elaborate design to heal the inner child, our anxieties, our fears, our ignorance and to nourish and uplift our joy, bliss, play, love and of course connection.

By Interlude Media.

It is exceptionally difficult to put into words the magic that was cultivated at this event.  So much of it is in the intricate details, serendipitous encounters and physical sensations.

I can, with great pleasure, inform you that the 15th anniversary of Earth Frequency Festival was by far the best that I have experienced yet.  It’s the minor tweaks and evolutions of the event that continue to improve it every year. Even a small layout change is done with deliberation and clear intention to expand the pleasure one can receive.

By Interlude Media

This year EFF’s musical exploration reached new heights for its 15th anniversary.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many people complaining about sore legs from dancing so much. It was hard to leave those stages.

A special mention to Wonky Town.  I love being absolutely blown away by the creation of our community and this stage did it for me. Lounges everywhere, ping pong, volley ball, a Buffing Parlour (yes, a giant buffing machine was used to buff people on a massage table…deeeellliiiggghhhtttfffuuulll) Set up for fun and play, this was by far my favourite stage of the festival on Sunday night.  And Wonky it was. I haven’t seen a dance floor going off in that way for many moons!

Aside from experiencing some of the best tunes around, it is of course my duty to explore all the realms of the festival and well, wow, my mind reels with all the incredible experiences on offer this year.  I’m going to share just a few of my favourites, or we will be getting a thesis on the goodness. 

The Hug Deli. Who is with me on this being one of the most beautiful things to experience at a festival?!  A menu of hugs to be ordered of all types (no clues given before hug is received) and dedicated staff who threw themselves into the game.  I got the Cinnamon Swirl on my first night and the smile I came away with went on for hours. Thankyou Hug Deli team.

By Interlude Media

The Cabaret. “What on earth is this delightful, juiciness I have walked in on?’ I said to myself as I stumbled into this show half way through. It was not something one accidentally walks in on every day.  I was so surprised and charmed with this creative expression from the team that put this together. To sum it up in few words: fire breathing, panties, sexy and fire-nipple-tassels. 

Chai and Vibes in the marketplace brought fantastic vibes, especially Sunday night when a looping genius played (anyone know this guys name?).  I mean the marketplace in general is always so special.  Each shop so unique and filled with heart and soul.  Really enjoyed my peak into The Apothecary and absolutely loved the hand-tailored-to-my-vibe elixir, which worked wonders!

This year the EFF team had immense challenges presented to them in the form of intense weather conditions in the lead up to the event.  They absolutely pulled off this hurdle with such grace and commitment.  They really do consider all the details!  Down to carting in loads of wood chips to combat the mud.  Of course, the clouds parted on the day of opening and the punters had very little to complain of!  Everything went off without a hitch. We were all so well looked after by the whole festival. We are so lucky! There are so many creations at that event that are there to support us and help us and heal us. It was like being wrapped up in a big, warm hug for four days.   

By Interlude Media

I really looked after myself at EFF, I kept making choices that felt aligned for my soul – I kept taking the path that felt the best, which would nourish me most and it 100% paid off.  An absolutely unforgettable experience and one that has impacted upon my everyday life. I know that I came away from Earth Frequency Festival 2020, having healed myself simply by becoming apart of what was created there and I will be forever grateful.

A Laurs Sandwhich 😊 🥰

Written by Laura Finlayson

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