Sippin’ on wine and feeling damn fine at Grapevine Gathering 2019.

You might’ve already heard through the grapevine that the 2019 gathering in VIC went down like an absolute treat. The event was as smooth as a vintage red and going home at the end of the day left a bittersweet note in our mouths.

Attendees of the gathering eagerly lapped up the flawless lineup of acts, which truly intert(wined) with the picturesque location of the Grapevine Estate. Whether you were the ‘deso’ driver or ready to get your bubbly on, with the option to either roll up in your car or in one of the many busses from various locations (both ticketed), transport to the event was well-planned and convenient.

Upon arrival at the seemingly fancy patch of Aussie land, patrons were greeted by giant inflatable bunches of grapes, a blow-up church, the hilarious goon of fortune and to top it off, a ferris wheel (not recommended for the weak hearted or for those with a weak stomach)! One unexpected downfall of the location however, was the amount of dust; not so much ‘luscious lawns’ at this time of year. 

The large area contained ample portaloos, plenty of succulent food options (including ice cream, which was welcomed with opened arms as the sun peaked at midday) and water stations because hydration is the key to avoid a hungover! An unfortunate reality that is almost unavoidable at this type of event are long queues for purchasing drinks, which was probably exacerbated by the difficult decision to which delicious drop to order. 

For those privileged enough to nab the additional add-on, the VIP observatory area offered immediate access to alcohol, culinary treasures served up at the exquisite restaurant and views of the surrounding rolling hillside that almost made you forget where you were.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase here, as we all know the most important aspect of Grapevine Gathering is of course the music. The mix of this year’s local and international artists created a unique, energetic and super down to earth atmosphere. Melbourne based Big Words and Kira Puru kicked off the day along with Berlin resident Sebastian ‘Basti’ Doering aka Lovebirds, all of which gave outstanding performances as patrons danced in the sun or chilled under the doof-like shade sails with beverages in hand.

Late Nite Tuff Guy and Touch Sensitive; two producers that can do no wrong, brought in the funk and turned up the crowd’s energy as the effects of the liquefied grapes began to settle in nicely. Like sirens of the sea, the angelic voices of Jack River and Mallrat followed in similar form, bringing more and more captivated, wine-fueled bodies up from the ground and in towards the stage. 

As the sun painted the sky with alluring shades of yellow, orange and pink that only Bob Ross could give proper justice to, it was time for the highly anticipated final three to appear between the giant prop wine barrels; Crooked Colours, Flight Facilities and Two Door Cinema Club.

With their unconventional dance hits, Perth group Crooked Colours played a sensational soundtrack with ‘Hold On’ winning crowd favourite. A few surprises were then given by Flight Facilities as they tested out fresh releases and new experimental sounds, which proved the duo’s versatility and musical genius (not that it was ever doubted). Finally, all the way from Northern Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club came on and sent the crowd into a frenzy of admiration as the band shared in celebration of classics like ‘Bad Decisions’ and their new album ‘False Alarm’. 

The timing planned between each act is major consideration to take into account, especially when an event is jam-packed with top artists who make you want to be up and dancing to every set. Seven hours in total is a long duration to be out frolicking and day drinking, so at almost 6pm a 30 minute wait for the next act feels significant on your feet and your patience. Many fans in the crowd appeared a bit restless at this point; torn between losing their place/view of the stage and finding somewhere to sit and rest their legs.

Nonetheless, the day was an overall big, juicy success! Patrons gathered to share good times and fine wines, then dispersed with their sweet memories to cherish until the next year.

This article was written by Tomasina Dimopoulos. When she’s not working in communications and PR, you can find her writing poetry and having a boogie. Follow her on Insta: @tomasinadim & @taste_these_words.

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