Legends Salvage $36,000 Of Abandoned Festival Gear For Refugees

A crew of kind-hearted charity workers has salvaged $36,000 worth of abandoned camping equipment from the trashed grounds of England’s Isle of Wight Festival this week.

Seeing an opportunity to do good for both the environment and their fellow man, Herts for Refugees volunteers spent two days on-site saving tents, sleeping bags and other useful camping equipment from landfill.

And boy was there a lot to pick through! With more than 50,000 punters having attended the festival, the camping grounds were littered with garbage mounds, overflowing bins and deserted tents as far as the eye could see.

In total, Herts for Refugees (and their mates from Refugee Compassion and Paris Refugee Ground Support) managed to collect nearly a tonne of gear, which will be taken to those in need via the charity’s van (whose name is Nelson Vandela or Vanny de Vito depending on its mood). 

A spokesperson for Herts for Refugees, said: “The phenomenon of people abandoning tents and other camping equipment has been very much in the news lately. By salvaging useable tents and sleeping bags, we can save a substantial amount from going into the ground. The reality is, the gear people abandon at festivals is literally saving lives.”

The charity will be back at it again next week at Glastonbury Festival – an event that sees 200,000 people and 2000 tonnes of potential waste come through its doors every year!

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