“Doofers” Trash Sacred Aboriginal Site

NSW Parks & Wildlife staff are fuming after party-goers left an area of Arakwal National Park littered with waste last weekend.

The site was left strewn with human faeces, plastic waste, abandoned Eskis, broken equipment, alcohol bottles and cans, and other garbage – all of which the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service staff had to clean up on Sunday.

In addition to the waste left behind, vegetation on the site was destroyed. Tree branches were cut down for a fire, and plant life was trampled.

According to NSW National Parks, Arakwal National Park is of both cultural and environmental significance:

“In 2001, a historic agreement was reached between the NSW State Government and the Byron Bay Arakwal Aboriginal community. Arakwal National Park is the result and has many guises today: it’s an important part of Aboriginal heritage; it’s a haven for migratory birds and animals; and it’s a gift to travellers looking to escape the chaos of the thriving holiday town.”

It is not known whether the culprits were in fact errant doofers, or backpackers from nearby Byron Bay.

The damage to the doofing community is already done, however.

The Northern Star newspaper has placed the blame squarely on “illegal doofers” and NPWS is now calling on the local community to report any other parties held at the popular site.

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One Comment

  1. And this shit would be why guerilla parties are so on the nose these days among the wider community. This. IS. NOT. Ok.

    This crap did not happen in the times that some seem to want to emulate.

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