Why I Doof

Doofing: A way of life loved by many, loathed by some, misunderstood by others, unknown to countless score.  

When I’ve told friends and family about doofing, many have been genuinely surprised that people attend at all.

Inescapable 24/7 electronic music. Beats on repeat for days on end.

Inebriation to the highest degree. Surrounded by attendees in a haze. Drunk. Stoned. Chopped. Tripping. Often a combination of all four.

No creature comforts. No running water. Exposure to the elements with only a canvas, sleeping bag and an (optional) bottle of rum to keep you warm.

Limited, if any, phone reception.

In a state of distress they ask me, “What’s the appeal? Why do you continue to sing the praises of doofing? Why do you doggedly keep asking that we join?”

The answer is simple: All that you have mentioned above, I love.

That the music never stops, this is perfection. Regardless of the time, no matter what the weather is like, you are free to partake. To dance, with eyes open or shut, in time with the music or to the beat of your own heart.

To the charge of excessive intoxication, I plead guilty. I have indulged in the smorgasbord of booze and drugs. Ketamine. Marijuana. Ecstasy. Psilocybin mushrooms. Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)…

LSD: King of these drugs (at least, in my own humble opinion). I would unashamedly shout this within the safe surroundings of a doof. In fact, I have done so on multiple occasions: “LSD is the King. Convert and repent you sinners!” (or words to similar effect, if memory serves me correctly).  

This is not to say that all who at doofs are on drugs. Definitely not. Numerous pundits are there just for the music, for the sense of community the events provide, to be surrounded by nature, dancing to one’s heart’s content.

Others indulge in moderation. A few beverages here or there. A cheeky joint and a couple of points. A little buzz to help get them into the zone.  

Regardless of what path you walk, the choice is your own. There is no judgment. This is your time, make sure you spend it well. Go with the flow and follow your instinct. Within the surroundings of a doof, there is no right or wrong.  

And yes, there is a distinct lack of creature comforts. When put in perspective, it’s not too bad. You may not shower for a few days. However, with any luck, there may be a stream, lake or river nearby to wash in instead. If all else fails, there are always baby wipes. Do not worry, cleanliness can still be attained.

If you are concerned about the elements when camping, invest in a high quality tent. Coupled with a reliable sleeping bag and mat, there really isn’t anything to fear. Yes it could get cold, it may even rain Yet, when you’ve unlocked the joys previously explained, these are but minor inconveniences. You don’t get to the peak of a mountain without overcoming a few hurdles on the way. Also, there is always the aforementioned option of a warming bottle of rum.

You won’t have any access to the media for a few days. Considering the amount of drivel on TV, this should be considered a blessing in disguise. The same could be said for the lack of phone reception. Rather than looking at how other people are living their life via social media, why not embrace your own life instead? Dance, laugh, drink and be merry. Talk to your camping neighbours, take part in a yoga workshop, ponder the meaning of life as you gaze at the stars. It’s amazing how much you can do when you don’t have a phone in your hand to distract you.

All of these reasons are why I doof – both the exceptional highs and the associated challenges that come with getting away into nature to partake. This is why the doofing community is unlike any other sub-culture within Australia: Where else will you find a group of free spirited, resilient and adventurous souls who gather together to dance the days and nights away? Is there another judgement-free place where anything goes?

No, my friends, there is not.

This is why I will continue to sing the praises of doofing to all who will listen: It is a way of life which society as a whole would do well to imitate.

This article was written by George Thompson, a man driven by a love of adventure and freedom.

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