Stop Searching: Happy Daze Is The Best Winter Festival Around

Sunbeams peek through a musky pink horizon to greet your bare skin.

A kookaburra’s laughter dancing across a distant morning melody reminds you where you are.

You’re usually not up this early, but then again, you’re not usually rising to meet a tribe of colourful creatures ready to gift you with a day of dance, play, and friendship.

And, for the first time in as long as you can remember, you’re not thinking about work, assignments or the collection of small dilemmas that weigh you down every other day.

You’re taking just a few minutes to breathe in the eucalypt air, and let your mind wander through the weekend to come.

A beautiful stranger sprinkles glitter over your fresh face paint.

A puppet greets a crowd of delighted children’s eyes.

A moment of electric aural bliss engulfs your tingling ears and twisting toes.

Leaping dancers. Flaming swords. Entrancing visions.

It’s all there.

Your eyes peel open: Happy Daze awaits.

Tail-feather shaking sounds

Each human being has a particular set of sounds that resonates with their soul, and Happy Daze is set to tickle the spot that gets your legs a-moving and your lips a-smiling.

From crowd favourite Soundfood, who quite literally cooks up a feast while sending funky house and techno out into the atmosphere, to musical genius Megapixel, who will lead you through a pleasantly twisted, psychedelic journey, there’s truly something for everyone.

Yes, you do get to eat them when he’s finished!

In fact, Ben Irving, the organiser of Happy Daze, is reluctant to label any single artist as his “top pick”. Only when pressed does he tell us:

“I am super excited to be bringing Mandala to the country for the first time and also stoked to be bringing Evil Oil Man back after a long time off our shores.”

We can’t wait either, Ben.


Life-giving activities

Happy Daze isn’t just about the dancefloor though. It’s about fostering those silly, serious and sublime human connections we all seek. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find it somewhere in this lush, wilderness festival:

Healing: A beautiful healing space is located in the heart of the site, allowing you an opportunity to retreat and attend nourishing workshops through the entire event.

Creative expression:  Costume connoisseurs, bring your A-game! On Friday night a free ticket to Mushroom Valley is up for grabs for the best vegetable or farmer inspired dress-up! Even if you don’t win, you’ll have fun seeing all the crazy characters come out of the woodworks!

Movement: Yoga will take over the dancefloor on Saturday morning so everyone can stretch out those Friday Night cramps and prep for another epic day.

Wholesome fun: And, for those who prefer to wander and see where the day takes them, Happy Daze offers an amazing Art Dome, Doof Aerobics, Kids Space and a spot to hang and relax by the river (more on that shortly!).

A visual wonderland

There’s no better place to let your colourful little light shine than in the midst of another’s creative imaginings.

“Decor will excel and we guarantee our patrons will enjoy amazing aural and visual feast that will take them through a bright and colourful wonderland.”


And, while we are on the topic of creation, there’s another delightful bonus that sets Happy Daze apart from your average event: A gorgeous river runs through the site!

“There’s Nothing like having a place close by to wash away the dancing “daze”,” says Ben (and we’re inclined to agree).

Oh, and did we mention this festival is located in an ever-green valley only 40 minutes away from the Whitsundays?

Splish splash I was takin’ a bath!

Become part of the tribe

Anyone who has made the journey to Happy Daze before will tell you that this event is all about making others feel welcome to be the unique human they are!

Happy Daze Festival is a place where people can come together and feel like they’re a part of a growing and always learning community. We strive to create a unique atmosphere where our patrons can enjoy music, food and creativity. It is a wonderful family-friendly event where our present and future generations can come together and grow and learn in a fun and safe environment,” says Ben.

And, any seasoned festival-goer will tell you there’s something special about smaller events that work towards a more intimate feel. Organisers have capped this event at only 2000 attendees, meaning there’s a good chance that the strangers you meet on day one will become familiar faces by the time the weekend is through.

“We like the festival to have a community vibe where our patrons can feel safe and enjoy the environment without feeling overwhelmed,” he adds.


And, on the topic of community ethos, Happy Daze is big on respecting the land as well as the other patrons. So, bring trash bags as well as a warm heart:

“Be kind to the environment… recycle and reuse as much as possible. And remember: We are all here to learn something new about ourselves.  Make sure look after yourself, your friends and everyone around you.

Wise words, Ben.

If you want to get lost for a sun-drenched weekend of great tunes and even better people, it’s not too late to get your tickets to Happy Daze!

Ridiculously affordable final pre-sale tickets are available here. Get in quick because this event is not to be missed!

Or, to stay abreast of updates and have a geeze at last year’s festival, follow the Happy Daze Facebook page.

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