We Asked 12 Punters For Their Best Police Interactions, Here’s What They Said (With GIFs)

We asked, you answered. There are your best run-ins with the cops.

May they restore some or your faith in humanity (or, at the very least, show you how to make the most of a fuzzy situation).

1. “I arrived at Earth Frequency a few years back and upon entry there were about four, five cops there. They weren’t interested in searching the car, though they were interested in the jewels on my face, so I got out of the car and bedazzled them all. Later during that day, I bumped into the same cops in the festival still wearing the jewels!”

They’re lovin’ it.

2. “We were drinking in a park at like 3 am when they rocked up. They just had a chat with us then let us use the breathalyser to see who was the drunkest. I was.”

Oh dear.

3. “After I finished performing at a particular NNSW festival, I took a photo of two cops (with face paint on) and my colleague. As I put my camera back in the backpack, a half oz of dank fell on the ground. One cop turned his face away, the other (female) cop looked at me, looked at the bag, looked back up at me and said, ‘So that’s not your bag then is it mate?’. I said, ‘No – I must’ve found it’. She turned her head away as well, as I grabbed the bag and casually strolled away… good times.”

Good cop, rad cop.

4. “I had a copper give me a whole pack of gum while I was on the absolute gurn. He winked at me and said, ‘Here mate, you need this more than I do. Stay hydrated and stay safe.'””

When ya boy’s on the level…

5. “When I was younger, after being in foster care, my life didn’t go too well. I ended up hanging with the wrong crowd when I was 18, did some stupid crime that could have ended me up in jail, but two of the local cops had proper faith in me and wrote a note to the judges explaining the remorse they saw in me and how putting me in jail wouldn’t be good for anyone as I was homeless at the time. They were VERY supportive these two officers and making sure my mental health was always in check, and honestly because of them, it was! I ended up getting a good behaviour bond and haven’t hung with the wrong crowd or done anything bad since then! Thanks to those two cops from Sydney CBD Day Street Station who really helped me through that tough time!”

6. “Locked my keys in the car after a big night and the cops rolled past. After they did the scan to find out it was my car they helped me break in. They had all the tools needed and seemed to know what they were doing!”

Actual footage*

*not actual footage

7. “First time taking acid with two mates, walking back from the servo, no shoes and black dress pants having just finished work, it was raining and we had slushies and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in one hand, and a skateboard in the other. Cops pull over next to us, we all look at each other like this is gonna be fucked. They proceed to get us all in the back of a paddy wagon and offer us a lift. I remember looking at my mate to make sure we looked relatively sober. We did not and still don’t know to this day if they knew or not, we all say they MUST have. They then drove us close to home, speeding and flying around corners like madmen on the way while we laughed our asses off chaotically not believing wtf was happening. Let us out near our house and then did a few dougheys around a roundabout and drove off.”

This, but in real life.

8. “Perth police drove me home after my purse was stolen and gave me the iPad, asked me to choose some music. I put some Vini Vici on and we all grooved to it up loud!”

You never know when you’ll make someone’s day.

9. “Got caught with a 50 of weed and a bong once when I was 18 drinking and smoking in a park in Perth with a couple of mates. The two young officers were so stoked to find the weed and bong and were like, “Yes, haha, we gotcha! (in evil voice). Then the senior officer just politely told us to put it all in the bin and pour out our drinks and go home. The look on the young officer’s face’s was priceless, they were fuming, saying ‘But! But!’ and then the older officer explained to them that we weren’t hurting anyone and that they had bigger fish to fry and then they left. Best policing I’ve ever encountered.”

That feeling when a little discretion goes your way.

10. “I was having trouble setting up a tent at a doof, two cops came past and offered to put it up for me.”

“Right, now onto basic inflation techniques…”

11. “Receiving two follow-up phone calls from them checking in to see if I was okay after the drowning accident of a young fella in my family who they had tried to save.”

Bless you.

12. “Being taken home on the back of his bike and being taken out to dinner the following week.”

Need a laugh? Go here.

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