6 Festivals Giving Away Free Birthday Tickets

Everybody knows you can get heaps of free stuff on your birthday if you can navigate a loyalty program.

But, did you know that being born at the right time unlocks a far better reward than discount donuts, giveaway smoothies, or a 2 for 1 discount at the RSL?

We’re talking FREE TICKETS to some of the best Aussie music festivals around!

Here’s a list of festivals that are down to help you celebrate your birthday.

1. Happy Daze: 31 May – 2 June

The organisers of this glorious tropical sound fest are making it super easy to claim your free b’day tickets this year.

Just rock up on the day with your photo ID proving you were born on the 31st of May or the 1st or 2nd of June and you’ll get in. What more reason do you need to duck off to Whitsundays doof in the middle of winter?

2. Mushroom Valley: October 4-6

The legends behind Happy Daze are also known for offering all birthday boys and girls free tickets to their aptly named sister-event. While this year’s ticket sales haven’t started yet, we’re sure they’ll be keeping up the awesome tradition!

3. Elements Festival (sort of): 18-20 October

Not quite free, but Elements do offer half-price birthday tickets if your birthday falls between the 18th and 20th of October. So, if you and a mate both have a birthday on that day, that’s sort of like one free ticket between you… right?

Shoot them an email to purchase.

4. Strawberry Fields: November

These guys have offered free birthday tickets since the first edition of Strawberry Fields and have no plans to stop. While this year’s dates aren’t out yet, if you’re born on any of the four November days the festival runs over, simply turn up at the gate with a valid drivers licence, passport or KeyPass card and in you go. Easy as that!

You may still need to purchase a Car Pass, so check in with their FAQs before you go. And don’t ask them to make an exception because you’re born a day before or after, they won’t.

5. Babylon: February

Born in the middle of February? Exciting news – you might be able to celebrate at Babylon for free! We say “might” only because next year’s dates aren’t out yet.

There’s a little more paperwork for this one (worth it to save $$$ though), but really it’s just filling out the Birthday Tickets form on their website, then bringing that form along with valid photo ID. Not too hard at all.

6. Esoteric Festival: 6 – 9 March

Esoteric do offer some free birthday tickets via an application process. You’ll need to get your application in a month in advance and, fair warning, anyone who rocks up on the day asking for a free ticket will be denied!

These festivals are all awesome for getting right into the birthday spirit. Some of the others aren’t so generous. Rainbow Serpent Festival, for example, happily announce they will not give out free birthday tickets, saying “we will however put on a rockin’ party for you!” with a smiley face. Rockin’ as it may be, it could have been better. Just sayin’.

If, having seen the above list, you realise you weren’t born on the optimum day, perhaps some parental compensation is in order. After all, they made the mistake of failing to schedule your birth on the right weekend, which is surely enough of a reason for them to shout your ticket.

This article was written by journalist April Austen. If she has free time she’ll be at the beach. Otherwise, she might be on Twitter @aprilausten.

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