Vegan Finds Slaughterer’s Radio, NSW Abattoirs Now “Illegal Entertainment Venues”

New South Wales vegans are celebrating the closure of abattoirs around the state, thanks to animal-rights activists who successfully convinced the State Government to reclassify slaughterhouses as inner-city entertainment venues.

KeepSydneyVegan spokesperson Summer Daye said the reclassification was the biggest blow against the meat industry in the state’s history.

“While doing a reconnaissance mission at a local slaughterhouse, one of our members noticed a small radio playing in the corner to keep the workers entertained with Red Hot Chilli Peppers songs from about eight years ago,” Summer said.

“The member also noticed one of the workers having a little dance while hosing off the copious litres and litres of blood from the factory floor – we knew we had our secret weapon.

“From there, it didn’t take long to convince the NSW Government that these slaughterhouses should be considered entertainment precincts.”

Since the group’s reclassification efforts, more than 85% of the State’s slaughterhouses have closed due to additional regulation, with many more expected to come.

“This has absolutely been the most successful campaign KeepSydneyVegan has worked on,” Summer said.

Reports say the activist group went out to celebrate their win with a night on the town, before being ejected at 6.30pm when their chosen venue was closed and converted into a credit management company office.

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