Pauline Hanson Announces New One Nation Candidate


Pauline Hanson today announced Yosemite Sam has joined the One Nation party and will be running for the seat of Hunter the 2019 Federal Election.

“He’s an ideal choice for my party, and not just because he’s a gun-toting redhead with a penchant for hare-brained schemes. He’s also white.” Senator Hanson told reporters this afternoon.

One Nation’s Queensland leader Steve Dickson has also publicly supported the new candidate, saying he “seems like a reasonable guy, he wears an Akubra hat.”

“I consider myself a friend of anyone who is an advocate for the Australian felt industry,” he added.

While James Ashby, One Nation’s chief political advisor, could not be contacted for comment, a party insider’s hidden camera has confirmed Mr Ashby is looking forward to getting “on the sauce” with the latest recruit.

In response to the nomination, the National Party confirmed it will not be backing Barnaby Joyce’s return to politics this election.

Instead, Deputy Prime Minister McCormack said, “We’ve decided, as a party, to nominate Foghorn Leghorn to run for the seat of New England. He’s just more graceful.”

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