Hey Blossom! Check Out Tropical Bloom’s Sublime 2019 Lineup

As if travelling to the gorgeous Capricorn Coast for three sunny days in the dead of winter isn’t already an amazing proposition, Tropical Bloom has suddenly dropped a simply delightful lineup.

While some festivals struggle to break out of tried and true genres and others fail to win over fans with their overly broad selections, Tropical Bloom has well and truly hit the sweet spot.

This year’s lineup gracefully traverses the genres of dub, reggae, techno, ska, funk, glitch-hop, house and more. There’s a common thread linking every artist to the positive vibe of the festival, yet they are all unique acts that represent the best of their genres in their own rights.

Here’s a little of what you can look forward to come July 26:

Dub Terminator & Ras Stone

Bopping, weaving synth melodies and high-hats meet the usual dub tropes in this duo’s mixes, setting an enjoyable albeit eclectic pace to boogie to. Throw in a few classic reggae sound bites (“Satiiiiiva”) and you’ve got yourself a great way to spend a warm afternoon.

Chocolate Strings

Sultry, deep, sassy as hell – this six piece outfit has it all. Soulful, pointed lyrics are delivered by two (dare I say) savagely sexy female vocalists while the band heartily fleshes their tunes out with saxophone, three guitars, and tight drums. Perfect for a balmy evening spent in a mosh pit with sangria in hand.

Majun Bu

This upbeat, funky ska band knows how to motivate even the laziest of bones. All five of the gents in Majun Bu seem to enjoy getting in on the vocals, which alternate between catchy choruses sung in unison and a bit of cheeky rap. And then, what’s this? There’s trumpet too!? Thoroughly enjoyable music to be consumed at any time of day or night.


At first, you’ll be amazed that B-Syde is literally one guy. He single-handedly creates a full band sound through just his laptop, a few mixing boards and a guitar. But wait, there’s more. Once you hear his powerful, smoky and – let’s be honest – alluring voice, you’ll be unable to do anything other than stand in wonder with your eyes locked. If you’re in the mood for seduction, this is the set for it.

Grandpa Dad

Ah, the good kind of techno. Grandpa Dad has clearly been to a stellar bush doof or two in his time. His gentle, hypnotic builds ease you into a sparkly, playful electronic sound that will invigorate your ears and make you yearn for that sweet release. You may not get there though – he has a penchant for delving into dirty beats just when you are dying for the breakdown – but either way you’ll thoroughly enjoy the journey.


Masta by name, masta by nature. This flavoursome music is punctuated by chunky basslines, tight percussion, and a flagrant disregard for the boundaries between electronic and acoustic music. Cleanse your palate with low and slow squelchers before flinging your fancy-free limbs around to some brassy, feel-good tunes that have just the right amount of bass to get your grind on.

B 4 R K L Y

I love me a good sample, and boy does B 4 R K L Y deliver! With sound bites from 90’s hip hop songs, 70’s funk classics, and random pop culture moments seamlessly thrown in the glitch mix, it’s always fast, fresh and fun when this artist takes the stage. Bringing just the right amount of chaos to his up-tempo sets, B 4 R K L Y will inspire maximum creative energy from the dancefloor. Bring your A-game.


Be careful. Passively enjoying the stripped back electronic sounds of Lanksta has been known to induce a trance-like state! This Melbourne artist’s strength lies in his ability to seamlessly create modern soundscapes that have a timeless feel to them. His soft-spoken beats and gentle forays into ambient, disco and progressive house sounds create a refreshing vibe. No energy is needed to enjoy his sets.

Zen Mechanics

Zen Mechanics will have you stomping without even realising you’re moving. The driving beats and spacey synths throughout his tracks are just the sort of familiar tropes that psytrance fans know and love. Meanwhile, his futuristic progressions flawlessly ease you into new territory. One moment you’re in a boppy, techno space, the next you’re traversing heavy (but never dark) industrial beats that make you want to wear yourself out.

See you on the dance floor, groovers!

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