62 Natural Highs Recommended By Doofers

We asked you for your best natural highs, and you delivered!

If you’re feeling flatter than a mashed cat today, why not have a crack at this list of tried and true treatments!?

Things You Can Do At Home

Your bedroom can be a magical place.

1. “Love”

2. “That self inflating feeling of knowing your genre is superior”

3. “Compersion”

4. “Sleep”

5. “A bassline so chunky you can taste it”

6. “Recognition”

7. “Sankirtan”

8. “When your child wants to snuggle into you and be held securely”

9. “Dancing or spinning fire”

10. “Exercise”

11. “Being with my grandchildren”

12. “Being smug”

13. “Having a continuously improvised jam with fellow musicians”

14. “Sleep deprivation”

15. “Watching ‘Love Actually'”

16. “Orgasms”

17. “Sit down for ages and stand up super quickly”

18. “Sharing your art with the world whether it be through song, dance, painting poetry, comedy etc., nothing beats it!”

19. “Music”

20. “Peanut butter”

21. “Hypoxia”

22. “Auto erotic asphyxiation”

23. “Meditation”

24. “A smile”

25. “Sniffing your own fart”

26. “The vagina”

27. “Qi gong”

28. “Cumming inside”

29. “Jesus”

30. “Fapping to Hentai”

31. “Music”

32. “Flatulating”

33. “Having semantic arguments on Facebook about what constitutes a ‘natural’ high”

34. “Music-induced ASMR”

35. “Being aware that the past and future don’t exist, they aren’t real, just thoughts”

36. “Wim Hof breathing technique”

37. “Sekiro Shadows Die Twice”

38. “Accomplishing something you considered impossible”

39. “Winning in Mario Kart”

Highs That May Require Venturing Outside

Mmm gotta get me some air.

40. “Walking 2.5 hours through epic bushland to reach a waterfall or the peak of a mountain”

41. “Tournament paintball!”

42. “Eating high marbled wagyu for the first time”

43. “Skateboarding”

44. “Sniffing fumes off a rubbish tip on a hot and humid day (chuck a bitta that gas in ya nang and huff it)”

45. “Riding dirt bikes”

46. “Snowboarding”

47. “A 3+ hour tattoo sesh”

48. “Surfing”

49. “That feeling after doing sports”

50. “Roller coasters, ‘g’” on the body is always fun”

51. “Jumping off a waterfall into freezing cold water”

52. “Skiing”

Bucket List

That feeling.

53. “DJing to a crowd when you are in the zone”

54. “Getting a sick barrel ride (#onlysurfersknowthefeeling)”

55. “Running the event with everything running perfectly, music heaving and everyone losing it”

56. “Seeing someone achieving their dreams and being happy”

57. “Being surrounded by happy, positive, loving people”

58. “Oxytocin release when you have a baby”

59. “I feel like adrenaline is the best answer that I’ve experienced but I feel that the oxytocin release from having a baby would probably top it”

60. “Getting searched without a warrant”

61. “Everest”

62. “Life! Once you’ve healed yourself from childhood conditioning!”

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