6 Up-And-Coming Electronic Artists You Should Drop Everything & Listen To

Earlier this year we asked you, the doofing community, which up-and-coming artists we should suss out.

Well! After listening to dozens of your suggestions (nice try to those promoters who snuck a few established names into the list), we’ve decided there is simply too much talent to fit on one list!

So, we’re making three!

Audience: We hope you enjoy the first of our (mostly) homegrown talent trilogy.

Artists: Keep doing your thing, you gloriously creative creatures (and make your SoundCloud easy to find)!

1. StomPsy

StomPsy delivers relentless driving beats littered with techy, space-age sounds. It’s this type of classic psytrance that gets a doofer’s blood pumping and feet stomping at 1am on a Saturday morning. The intense pace can even feel overwhelming if you’re not in the right frame of mind, but true psytrance lovers will enjoy the tidy arrangement and moving pace of his tracks.

Best listened to: When you need to get shit done!

2. Perfect Storm

This artist is full of surprises. One minute you’re wondering if that sweetly synthesized melody floating atop heavy marching beats could be called “hardstyle” – it’s easy to envision tectonic arms and footloose fluffies t-stepping around the dance floor to certain sections.

But then, the very next minute, the song melts into squelchy sounds that emphasise the “psy” in psytrance.

And, before you know it, you’ll find yourself enjoying familiar trance tropes injected with rock ‘n’ roll soundbites – something I wish more producers would do! All in all, Perfect Storm is a colourful, creative, and technically proficient artist who is truly a joy to indulge in.

Best listened to: While you’re going through your experimental phase.

3. bLoom

I have a soft spot for glitch-hop, and when I listen to this set, it feels a lot like bLoom is performing auditory cunnilingus on that spot.

This funky, chunky track has the perfect pace to get the party started – wiggle your hips and bop your bits to the hip-hop sounds, then get your booty down and dirty as the glitch takes over. Music lovers who appreciate a little sexy waa-waa, like to boogie without getting entirely breathless, or aren’t averse to a little electric guitar and brass in their tunes will get a lot out of bLoom.

Best listened to: While making connections with fun, playful souls on the dance floor.

4. Dank Stank

True to their name, this artist is all about dirty, dirty prog. Dank Stank has a lot of fun luring you into a false sense of security before switching things up.

Don’t worry though – the thread is never lost in this fast, stripped back, stomp-worthy music.

You’ll smile, sweat and maybe even cast your mind back to the nineties nightclub scene during this artist’s sets (at times it feels like all you need is a whistle to make the building beats and happy-go-lucky synth sounds complete).

Best listened to: Surrounded by strobe lights and diligent stompers.

5. Parra Nebula

It can be hard for some psytrance producers to establish definitive sounds, but thankfully for us Aussie bush doofers, Parra Nebula doesn’t seem to suffer from that particular affliction.

Light, starry melodies dance across a dirty, driven basslines in his tunes, ultimately providing a pleasing auditory balance that leaves you wanting more. The buildups are interesting without being chaotic, and every release into simpler sounds is always so welcome.

Best listened to: When the sun is setting and the drop in temperature is starting to revive the crowd.

6. Sneaky Fox

Sneaky Fox’s upbeat, minimal sound is a breath of fresh air – especially after you’ve indulged in a night of hectic, heavy revelry.

You’ll find yourself relax then re-energise as you make your way through his carefully considered musical journey.

Sneaky Fox does a wonderful job of maintaining the gentle percussive tension without assaulting your senses, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy the introduction of a more pronounced techno sound once he’s worked you with his musical foreplay.

Best listened to: Once you’ve showered, had brekky, and wandered down to the d-floor for a mid-morning boogie.

Stay tuned for part two! Or, if you want to put in a word for a great artist on the rise, email your suggestion to: viv@dreamlandmagazine.com.au.

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