450+ Protestors Heading To Gladys Berejiklian B’day Party

The “Leave a poo at Gladys Berejiklian’s doorstep” event may have been shut down, but there’s a better event in honour of New South Wales’ favourite premier just around the corner!

A cheeky Marrickville crew known as Silly Buggas is hosting the “Gladys’ BDay Bash Backyard/Laneway Day Party” this Sunday.

The event, which started off as an irreverent house party and quickly transformed into a protest against live music regulations, has already got 450 people going and 3000+ interested.

Organiser Alex Eldridge said, “We originally wanted to have this little backyard thing. Then we thought, live music is getting shut down across the state so why don’t we have some bands and host it as a protest to Gladys Berejiklian?”

When asked about the NSW government’s latest festival regulations, Alex said:

“I see them as a concerted effort from the NSW government to slowly squash the dissident element of Sydney and to make it into a more palatable and clean cut city that basically will just attract high levels of investment.”

“Art and culture is what gives a city so much of its value. Getting rid of rock bands is near-sighted. We’re the first wave of people who say, ‘Nah, you can’t do that. We aren’t going to stand for that’. Enough is a enough.” he said.

The event will feature a smorgasbord of unpalatable, not-clean-cut local indie rock, punk and electronic music including:

As for the overall vibe of the party, the Facebook event description sums up their larrikin attitude well:

“We know you were itching to get groped by coppers on the way into Mountain Sounds and maybe even pick up a felony charge at Psyfari this year, but they got cancelled. So in honour of everybody’s favourite premier, we’ve put together the next best thing – Gladys’s birthday!

Come down Sunday to celebrate the death of Sydney’s nightlife, culture and festival scene with day-drinking, live music and an Olympic-sized kiddie pool! *

This event will be rated “extreme high risk” – for good times.There will be
Beer Bingo hosted by Gladys herself!* and a set of the Inner West’s most talented bands that will soon have to actually get real jobs because fuck the Sydney Music Scene, right Gladys?

*Note: Free Pill Testing, Olympic Swimming Pool and the Premier of NSW may not be in actual attendance.”

When asked what he’ll do if several hundred people actually do show up, Alex said:

“I’ve been door to door and told the neighbours, we’re doing this thing on Sunday and they were all pretty cool with it. We’ve set our capacity at 150 and we can’t let more people in, so maybe we’ll have some lane cricket and keep people occupied,” Alex said.

“We’ll have a hills hoist, so maybe a little bit of goon of fortune is on the cards too,” he said.

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