Berejiklian Unveils Plan To Transform NSW Into Giant Daycare Centre


Premier Gladys Berejiklian has unveiled her grand plan to turn the entire state of New South Wales into a massive daycare centre by 2020.

Under the proposed scheme, the state would be transformed into a 7.54 million-place centre, wherein adults can be babied by government bureaucrats 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

“My ultimate goals are to solve homelessness, provide palliative care, and rigidly enforce top-down regulatory measures that single-handedly eliminate personal freedoms,” she said at a press conference earlier today.

When asked how she intended to pay for the NSW Metricon Homes Early Learning Centre, Berejiklian said it would privately funded, but assured reporters the government would ensure there was a fair and transparent process for construction tenders in place.

Programs at the centre will follow the Liberal Party approach to early childhood education, with a strong emphasis on self-determination, fiscal conservatism, and bullying.

The centre will boast several state-of-the-art facilties including: BHP Billiton Sand & Other Resource Pits, Serco Time Out Institutions, and a purpose-built Murray-Darling Basin Authority Aquatic Play Centre.

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