5 Must See Acts That Will Make You Feel The Love At St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2019

St Jerome’s annual Laneway Festival is just around the corner and there is a myriad of revered and unique acts you just have to see live!

From proffering strong feminist energy to powerful messages of friendship and unity, these five acts are sure to make you feel the love at this year’s Laneway.

5. Camp Cope

Fiercely feminist and a passionate powerhouse, Australian alternative rock trio Camp Cope will undoubtedly have something to say at their 2019 Laneway performance.

Comprised of lead singer and guitarist Georgia McDonald, drummer Sarah Thompson and bassist Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich, Camp Cope is all about feeling empowered and not caring about anyone else’s opinion.

Fearless tracks like The Opener, which delivers a strong feminist message, and How to Socialise and Make Friends, are sure to invigorate audiences whilst simultaneously inspiring a sense of belonging, equality and liberation. This will be the Melbourne-based band’s second Laneway Festival performance, and it’s one you won’t want to miss.

4. Baker Boy

Baker Boy’s 2019 Laneway performance is sure to be as lively and electrifying as his debut last year (if not more).

The 21-year-old rapper (and 2019 Young Australian of the Year) incorporates his native Yolngu Matha into the infectious lyrics of his hip-hop tracks, manifesting an invigorating celebration of energetic dance and his Indigenous language.

Galvanizing tracks like Marryuna, Cloud 9 and Mr La Di Da Di are sure to project positive energy and confidence from the stage. Baker Boy’s set is expected to raise more awareness and respect for talented Indigenous artists, promote unity, and, of course, trigger unadulterated dance.

3. Clairo

Get set for intimate vocals and delicate electro-pop beats. Clairo – a twenty-year-old American singer/songwriter – is a growing online sensation, with low-fi tracks like 4EVER and latest release Heaven sure to envelop you in a cosy day dream of serenity and jovial warmth.

The soothing echo of Clairo’s breezy yet vulnerable lyrics, paired with the tranquility of her airy vocals and low-key rhythm, subtly reminds us of the importance of friendship, support and self-growth.

Her first Australian set is sure to leave you in a sanguine cloud of peaceful contemplation; the message of her music is deep and considered, and its serene sound is otherworldly.

2. Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County’s Laneway set will ignite sentimental feelings of pure joy and evoke heartfelt tenderness.

The twenty-year-old English songwriter and recording artist is bringing a plethora of talent to our fair shores; not only does he write and sing all of his dreamy tracks, he plays the keyboard, guitar, and drums as well.

Rex Orange County’s velvety vocals have the distinct ability to touch every person listening; you will be unable to stop yourself from serenely swaying as he croons his heartfelt lullabies.

Songs like Sycamore Girl and Sunflower will leave you in a trance, warm-hearted and smiling. The soothing opening chords of Loving is Easy and the upbeat melody of Corduroy Dreams will fill you with feelings of love and friendship. The cheerful lyrics of his songs are known for inspiring true emotion, and his music will stay with you long after he exits the stage.

1. Gang of Youths

“Say yes to love. Say yes to life.”

Australian indie rock band Gang of Youths produce music that is the very definition of embracing all the good life has to offer. Any troubles you may have will undoubtedly melt away as you catch yourself uninhibitedly jumping up and down to the catchy beats of tracks like Let Me Down Easy and The Heart is a Muscle.

The killer vocals of lead singer David Le’aupepe, combined with the enchanting medley of string and percussion instruments, creates an inspiring symphony that enraptures audiences. Then, next minute, you’ll be fervently screaming out the lyrics to tracks like Say Yes to Life and Magnolia.

Gang of Youths is no stranger to the Aussie festival scene – they’re known for getting up close and personal with the crowd through an addictive, positive on-stage energy.  Their performance at Laneway will be a spectacle of passion no one should miss.

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival Melbourne will be held at Footscray Park on Saturday February 9.

This article was written by Alexandra Middleton, who can be found on Instagram @alexandramid and on Twitter @alexandramidd16.

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