Premier Carruthers Issues Warning About Dangers of Motorcars


New South Wales Premier Sir Joseph Carruthers has issued another warning about the dangers of petrol-powered automobiles.

“My message is simple, ye fellow subjects: every time one enters one of these so-called ‘motorcars’, you are putting your life at risk. Do not do it”, he said.

The warning comes after a spate of road deaths in recent weeks, one of which occurred just yesterday when a Tarrant Automobile collided with a Model T Ford in Darlinghurst, on the outskirts of Sydney.

“It is disappointing to me that New South Welshmen are not heeding the warnings, and continue to gamble with their lives in this manner.

“I have never travelled in one of these petrol-powered vehicles myself, so I do not understand people’s fascination with them. Why can these people not just use a regular horse and cart like everyone else?”

Although some community activists have called for the Government to instead implement tighter safety regulations, including the mandatory installation of lifesaving devices known as ‘seatbelts’, licencing of drivers, and mandatory vehicle safety-checks, the Premier has outright dismissed such a strategy:

“If we took such an approach, then we would effectively be saying that motorcars are perfectly safe, and that the Government will be responsible if anything goes wrong.

“It would give the ‘green light’ – whatever that means – to dangerous driving.

“One death is one death too many. I hope that ye fellow subjects will simply decline to partake in this obviously dangerous activity forevermore,” he said.

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