26 Of The Most “Bush Doof” Tweets Of All Time

Here’s what those folks on Twitter have been saying about us behind our backs…

The hilarious & wholesome

1. I’m sure there was a perfectly reasonable explanation…

2. Only one way to find out…

3. What’s ya addy?

4. Making memories.

5. Oh, bless.

6. That one time you don’t tell mum you’re going camping…

7. Lyrical genius.

8. Aww. Bring it in now.

9. I don’t know who Justine Clark is, but I’m stealing this line.

10. Take a bow, doofers.

11. Classic.

12. Ya welcome.

The hateful

13. First time hey? At least you’ve got reception!

14. Tell us how you really feel now.

15. Yeah, fair enough.

16. We’ve all been trapped in a convo with that boy.

18. Ouch, Charles.

We will truly miss the opportunity to “fuck with you”.

19. That’s one hot take from one cooked koala, if ever I saw one.

I know where I’m getting my political commentary from now on.

The painfully accurate

20. You can leave the psytrance but the psytrance never leaves you…

21. Where is the lie?

22. Thoughts and prayers, my dude.

23. This fuckin guy…

24. You won’t be the first sponge at a doof, lady.

25. Hope your suspension is up to scratch aye.

Prove her wrong, people.

To learn more bush doofs, why not look them up on Urban Dictionary?

Alternatively, you can familiarise yourself with the do’s and don’ts of bush doofs in our article 10 Errors Of The Rookie Doofer.

Or, better yet, get on down to a doof near you and experience the magic first hand!

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