The Ultimate Comedown Playlist (featuring 7 track titles mentioning ‘coming down’, naturally)

It’s not every day you find yourself in desperate need of a trusty comedown playlist, but if that day is today, then you’re in luck.

Get (someone to get you) a Powerade, curl up in a ball, and press play on this ‘Help me, I’m fading,’ lineup.

1. Ball Park Music – Coming Down

It’s slow, it’s moving and it’s raw. If you need to reflect on your ill-informed decisions or how the universe has pegged you in the behind, this is the song to do it to. You might cry in your quest for resolution but, hey, that’s the fun of it.  

2. The Rolling Stones – Coming Down Again

When slapping on this 6 minute banger (of the exact same chord progression), you can relax in the knowledge that you’re currently traversing a path millions of trippers, tragics and troubadours have trod before your sorry trolley went off the tracks. ‘Nuf said.

3. Crooked Colours – Come Down

You know when you think you’re coming down but actually you’re still high as fuck? The bass in the song is just as sporadic as your brain waves and the soft hush of the vocals will lull you into whatever phase your mental state is about to enter. Slow dancing by yourself while mimicking an electric drum solo is highly recommended.

4. The Weeknd – Coming Down

I used to listen to this song when I was a Vampire Diaries fan-fiction emo. If that doesn’t mean it is comedown-appropriate, I don’t know what is. It’s hella eerie but also sexy. Exactly how you think you’ll be perceived by onlookers. Keep up the fantasy and wind down with some R&B lush.

5. Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. He talks about hoofing down food, fumbling through dirty clothes and stumbling down stairs to ready himself for a foggy day. Be like Johnny and push on. Yeah you’re feeling a bit clouded. Yeah, your tongue is dry as hell. And yes, you lost your keys. But Johnny’s gonna get you there, back onto that Sunday morning sidewalk.

6. Ocean Alley – The Comedown

Here she is. The rock back into sleep. The light flickering of electric guitar and pitter pattering of bass will keep you centred, old mate Baden’s vocals will ring out and colour your vision. So faded? So are they. So wasted? So are they! Nothing to be ashamed of here folks.

7. The Strokes – 80s Comedown Machine

Shh. Quiet now. Time to contemplate. Cue thinking music!

This article was written by Peta Petidis, a community radio presenter from Melbourne who can be found getting down to all the bangers at northside gigs.  When she’s not getting loose, Peta likes to nap.

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