7 Of The Most Un-Ironic Ironic Songs To Bone To


People often joke about the songs that on-screen sex scenes are orchestrated to. For decades, cinema has depicted an unachievable amount of cringe and romance in its intimate moments.

Today we test these sheet warmers, creating the ultimate fuck playlist (with some helpful moves to match).  


1. INXS – By My Side

Michael is a sexy man so what better than keeping it up with a good thrust to his sexy voice and hair. Straight boys, gay boys, straight girls, gay girls, we all love him. Time to channel your inner Michael when you take it off and lay by that special someone’s side.

Move: Sideways.



2. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – Shallow

When two of the sexiest people alive came together (pun intended) to make sweet music and a bit of love on the side, the chemistry between them was off the charts. This soundtrack to what is undoubtedly the romance of our generation will turn things up in your next passionate rendezvous with a rockstar (the dream).

Move: Girl on top, seated up.



3.  Cindi Lauper – Time After Time

She wasn’t the leading lady in a romantic tale of love and music but Cindi is one of the most soulful rockers of the century, and shit she can get deep. Want to roll around and stroke each other’s cheeks lovingly while a camera pans across your naked bodies without you even making any other physical contact? This is the song to do that to.

Move: Missionary.



4.  Nick Murphy – Your Time

Sexy as hell. Every time I listen to this song I daydream the hottest sex scenes nightclub stalls can offer to the imagination. Ouft.

Move: Reverse cowgirl and some hair tugging.



5. Prince – Sexy MF

Yeah, you are.

Move: Legs up missionary.



6. Breach – Jack

For people who need some fast tempo, a little bit of house music can never go astray. If you’ve ever asked your techno mate what they listen to while they’re boning, this is it.

Move: Doggy.



7. Tamia – So Into You

RnB lush. This song will have you peeling off a piece of clothing with every word, plus the pace is consistent, so your rhythm shouldn’t falter. This track is all about intimacy baby, and by that I mean some real hot eye contact.

Move: Girl on top, leaning in close.



This article was written by Peta Petidis, a community radio presenter from Melbourne who can be found getting down to all the bangers at northside gigs.  When she’s not getting loose, Peta likes to nap.

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