Shots Fired: ‘Sydney Crowds Are Just A Bit Lazy. They Don’t Want To Hear Anything New’


Would I recommend this seventeen-minute documentary? Only to someone interested in the DJ scene.

Coming off like a very discount VICE Noisy, ‘We Share The Language of Rhythm’ by Jasmine Higgins is all about the Sydney club scene and its female disc jockeys.

It touches on some juicy subjects – as you would expect when focussing on women in Sydney’s club scene.

The MeToo movement, the same-sex marriage vote, US versus Australian crowds, and lock-out laws are all discussed in conjunction with chat about the past and future of the scene.

DJ SPORTS (Madi Carr) said this on the closing of the King’s Cross: “No shade to Sydney, but I feel like we are just a little more apathetic than we could be”.

Back from playing sets in New York City, Ebonyboadu (Ebony Boadu) also gently tried to break the news that Sydney wasn’t all that, “Sydney crowds are just a bit lazy. They don’t want to hear anything new, or they want to hear 90’s R&B,” she said in her interview.

As far as production goes, there is nothing slick about this film, but it’s pleasant enough to come across as ‘hand-made’ rather than bad. It almost inspired me to go out and start harassing people for interviews because ‘I reckon I can do better’ is a thought you might have a few times while watching it.

Overall, if you’re thinking of watching “We Share The Language Of Rhythm” (which, granted, is a cool title) it is best you already have an interest in DJ-ing because there is not a lot of contextual fat to this doco, just some very interesting Australian DJ’s straight-talking down the barrel of a camera.

If that’s your jam, check out the full film for free here:


This article was written by Daneka Hill.

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