BREAKING NEWS: Bohemian Beatfreaks Wins Court Battle, Moving Festival To QLD Anyway


Much-loved NSW festival Bohemian Beatfreaks has won its court battle against NSW Police but will relocate to Cherrabah Resort, QLD after harsh conditions imposed by the court rendered the planned Kippenduff venue no longer economically viable.


“The conditions imposed by the court at the request of the Police would destroy the vibe of our festival, aside from being so prohibitively expensive as to bankrupt the event,” event organisers said in a statement today.

“It is truly a sad state of affairs when we have government allowing gambling advertising on the Sydney Opera House, whilst music and arts events are shut down by excessive police compliances and user pay police requests that are out of step with the nature of these events,” the statement said.

To remain on the original site, the police required organisers to undertake several compliance measures including:

  • Surrounding the event site with chain-link perimeter fencing
  • Additional security search points between the campground & event area with table-top and pat-down searches
  • 30 user pay police at the cost of $105,000 alone

“This isn’t what Bohemian Beatfreaks is about. We want all of you to have the best experience possible and we don’t feel this would have been a good festival experience with this heavy-handed police approach,” festival organisers said.

Organisers also thanked the Southern Downs Council and local emergency services at the new location, saying they have been very supportive considering the short time frame the festival is working with.

The new venue includes a lake and sprawling camping area, and 70 crew are working around the clock to make the magic happen by this Friday.

Less than 100 final round tickets are available online at

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