Undercover Police Are Buying Drugs From A Shitload Of Queensland Dealers

In a statewide crackdown on untaxed fun and organised crime, Queensland’s undercover police bought or seized $1.75 million worth of drugs, made 322 arrests and laid 1200 charges last year.

According to the Controlled Operations Committee’s annual report, this was all the result of only thirteen “Controlled Operations” undertaken during the 2017-2018 period. 

A “Controlled Operation” (for those too lazy to clink the link above) is an operation wherein cops are legally allowed to break the law in order to obtain evidence that will lead to prosecution for a serious crime.

In Queensland, officers with the rank of inspector or higher can commit crimes during a “Controlled Operation” – thanks Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000.

But, enough about our officer’s questionable tactics, here’s what last year’s operations nabbed:

drugs seized by undercover queensland police

While the operation cost $370,620.43 (not including overtime), the savvy police officers managed to recoup the money and then some by seizing cars, boats, phones, computers and cold hard cash with a combined value of $746,705.

qld police seized property list

So, if you’re a drug dealer who thinks making a buyer try before they buy is a foolproof way to avoid narcs, it’s time to up your game.

Check out our article “3 Genius Ways To Avoid Selling Drugs to Cops” for a few handy tips!

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