Elements Festival 2018: 7 Secret Objects I’m Taking & Why You Should Totally Come With


I’ve been waiting for a party like this one for a long, long time.

For about three years now, I’ve been quietly itching for a different type of gathering – one with all the trademarks of a doof (diversity, connection with the tribe, creativity) but with a bit more professional production than your average hippie get together. A doof 2.0, if you will.

Well, let’s just say that itch is about to be scratched.

Or, to paraphrase Etta James, “At laaaaast, my dooooooof has come along”.

Her name is Elements Festival, and although we’ve only just met and she’s still 115 days away, I’ve got a good feeling about this one – so much so that I’ve already packed my bags in anticipation.

Here’s what I’m bringing and why I’m so freaking excited about this event…


1. My Audiophile (read: amateur DJ) Mate*

I have two titillating words for all you electro lovers out there: DJ workshops.

Yep, if you or one of your friends has ever wanted to learn the technical aspects of musical production, you need to go to Elements Festival.

In addition to the usual slew of soul, body and art workshops, the Elements crew will be delivering music master classes this year, giving detailed introductions to DJing, VJing, music production and more.

To be honest, this is such a good idea I can’t believe nobody has done it before!

*Forgive me pedants, for I have sinned. People aren’t objects and I’ve already failed to live up to the article’s title!

DJ like a big kid!
Photo credit: Brad Roy


2. Penelope Green & Mr Slingy

I’m not bringing a tent because, well, I don’t own one and I don’t want to buy some cheap Kmart crap that’ll be occupied for three days, wrecked, then tossed in a landfill. I’m not about that landfill life.

Instead, I’ll find some nice load bearing trees and string up Mr Slingy (my hammock) somewhere around the family camping zone because, while my loins don’t have any fruit, I love me a bit of peace and quiet. Failing this, I’ll take advantage of the plentiful flat camping onsite and snooze in the warm embrace of Penelope Green (my recently acquired 1999 Holden Astra).

If, however, Plan A and Plan B don’t work out for some reason I’ll just switch to Plan C, doing what a lot of interstate partygoers do and take advantage of Elements environmentally friendly ‘Rent-A-Tent’ or ‘Glamping’ pre pitched package options.

A Slingy family reunion. Photo Credit: Brad Roy


3. Hundreds of Bananas

Ok, we’re about to venture into some experimental territory, but hear me out.

I’ve always wanted to bring a fuck tonne of bananas to a doof. Not only are they nature’s superfood, but they also require no packaging or refrigeration, are a healthy pick-me-up, and are rumoured to be quite useful for anyone tripping balls.

They truly are the doofer’s fruit, and nothing would give me greater pleasure than spending a festival sitting in front piles upon piles of nanies with a sign that reads:

“Today’s Special: Banana + Smile = $0”.

But, for one reason or another, my banana dream has never become a reality. Whether it’s because I got a lift from someone who didn’t have room for a ridiculous amount of fruit, or because I had no money, or because I had to spend my time reporting, it has just never happened.

After talking with the Elements organisers, however, I now know that this is the festival at which I must unleash my fruity plan.

Here’s why:

  1. The vibe is right: Elements is going to kick off with a “thought-provoking” opening ceremony / show designed to set the intention for the next three days. I love the idea of setting the standard for what is to come as the night falls on the first evening. And, while I’m sworn to secrecy as far as details go, I can tell you right now that it is going to be a beautiful, entertaining and meaningful experience that will set the right vibe for all banana/goodness-related schemes. 
  2. The people are right: Whether you’ve met the organisers personally or you’ve just perused the website, you’ll quickly realise that the Elements crew really cares. They’ve put a lot of thought into making this a fun, safe, mind-expanding party and that intention will no doubt be reflected by the type of people attracted to this event. My people. The banana people. 
  3. Logistics: With around 2000 attendees set to descend on the festival, I won’t have to worry about taking any bananas back home or sending myself broke trying to get enough bananas. Also, I have a car now.
Classic banana withdrawal symptoms
Photo credit: Black Rose Photography


4. An Oversized Snoozing Hat

Sure, every seasoned doofer has a story about how they spent 24 hours on the dance floor (by the way, the next time you hear this one, be sure to inquire about where exactly the alleged dance god peed during their epic stint).

But sometimes you want to chillax, and the brains behind Elements Festival totally get that.

I intend to enjoy the many strategically placed shady, lounging areas (including the much-loved hammock hubs we saw last year) in two ways:

  1. Upright with my snoozing hat on my head (“slip, slop, slap and slide”) or;
  2. Lying down, with my snoozing hat over my head (“siesta”, the fifth and most unappreciated ‘s’ in the sun safety series).

With quiet zones planned for both the camping areas and the festival, I’m looking forward to lizarding out between sets without having to walk too far.

Hat goals.
Photo credit: Brad Roy


5. My Outrageously Loud 1980’s Wind-cheater

Here’s the thing about Elements Festival: It’s run by a crew of professional (yep, this is how they make their living) sound, lighting, decor and construction experts who have been putting on parties and events for over a decade.

So, you can bet your bottom dollar that every visual elements of this festival are going to be meticulously planned out and absolutely extravagant.

From the stage designs (this year’s main stage is rumoured to be three times as impressive as the gigantic Tiki sculpture of 2017) to the abundance of video and projection mapped stages, surfaces, inflatable art gallery, to the sick lighting and lasers, shades tailor made in Amsterdam, and four unique chill spots, my outfit will have a LOT to compete with.

That’s why this year I’m bringing out the big guns. Forget about body paint, glitter, fairy wings or funny onesies (all of which I love, by the way).

It’s time for the powerful fluorescence of my beloved 1980’s windcheater to be brought into the public eye.

You’ll know it when you see it. In fact, you’d better pack sunnies.

viral sight and sound elements festival
You see what I am competing with here?
Photo credit: Black Rose Photography


6. Soap & Toilet Paper

There’s access to 30 hot showers and flushing toilets included in the ticket price, so, why not stay fresh?

This lady is fresh. Be like this lady.
Photo Credit: AXL Imaging


7. A Studiously Laminated Setlist

You’ll need both planning and lamination if you don’t want to suffer from some serious post-Elements FOMO.

The festival organiser’s had this to say about the music situation:

“We’re offering lots of different genres of music. We love psytrance, but we also love house, techno, drum and bass, hi-tek and forest as well. And we’re placing those genres into carefully selected time slots, so that you can get sleep when you need it and if you want a particular style of music you know when you can get that too.

We don’t feel like anyone in QLD is offering the selection of genres or the types of detailed stages and setups we’re bringing and building.”

At Elements, there will be over 80+ Music artists – 25% international, 50% interstate, 25% local, and 100% brilliant.

To make sure I’m where I need to be at the right time, I’m printing off a set list and highlighting the organiser’s top artist picks:

House & techno: Tim Penner, Spektre, Eeemus, Mood Swing & Chevy Bass

Psytrance: Blastoyz, Martin Vice, MVMB, Twisted Sibling (Shadow Fx and Tetrameth)

Dub, Bass & DNB: Mr Bill, LSB, BCEE, Staunch

Hi-Tek, Forest: Farebi Jalebi, Gurgamesh, Upavas, Haemogoblin

The Elements team also have this special message for all the audio nuts out there:

“For anyone who was there last year, you’ll be pleased to know that we are stepping up our sound systems again. Soundstorm Pro and Nexus Sound Systems will be delivering both the sound system across both stages, and we think you’ll be rather pleasantly surprised for what’s in store.”

At least one person in this photo had a laminated set list.
Photo credit: AXL Imaging


Think you’ve got a more offensively colourful wind-cheater than me?

Keen to get in on that sweet banana action?

Want to make like-minded/open-minded new friends while listening to some great tunes?

Come along to Elements Festival 2018 too!

You can snap up your tickets here, check out the lineup here or keep abreast of all festival updates by following the Elements Festival official Facebook page here.

See you there!


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