10 Errors of the Rookie Doofer

1. Comparing Doofs to Mainstream Festivals 

Comparing a doof to a mainstream festival like Splendour In The Grass or Future Music Festival is a big mistake. Rocking up to find people that respect the environment they are in, who want to make a difference in the world and who appreciate the time, effort and care that the event organisers have put in to making the weekend special can be a bit of shock to the Newbie Doofer. 

You won’t find people harassing other people or abusing every substance they can get their hands on, you probably won’t even see a fight or an argument, instead you are met with smiles and a vibe that is almost to good to be true.  You are either going to get a rude shock if you adore the shit fight that is Splendour or a pleasant awakening if you have been searching for something out of the ordinary. 

2. Forgetting to Eat/Drink

Forgetting to eat or drink to replenish your bodies energy from the three days straight of dancing and the fun missions around the site is definitely a big no no. It is essential to keep up your bodies fuel for you to be able to fully enjoy the total doof experience. 

4. Forgetting to Sleep 

Not sleeping is a big mistake.  You want to be fresh and full of beans for the whole weekend.  If you don’t sleep you will seriously regret it.  In the same vein as not eating or drinking, by day two you will be out for the count if you don’t sleep. Try getting to bed around midnight each night and then you are ready for a full day of fun, dancing and romping the next day.

 3.Camping Far Away

Camping really far away from the stage for reasons that made sense at the start of the weekend like ‘a little break from the doof doof’ or ‘the ideal camping experience’ will definitely reduce the maximum fun times for the weekend.  You will soon be regretting that 40 minute round trip walking back and forth to the campsite. 

5. Forgetting the Essentials

Rocking up to a party spontaneously is exciting, but if you forget to bring some of the essential ‘must haves’ to a party, you may wind up in dire straights.  

Water, water, water. You are in the middle of the bush, dancing all day, most likely under a hot sun.  Bring litres of the stuff, if you think you have enough, pack another 5 litres on top of that. 

Some other essentials that the newbie doofer will forget: food, warm clothes, bedding, toilet paper, hat/sunnies and torch. 

6.  Partying Too Hard, Too Fast

You are there for the whole weekend, it is a journey, don’t rush it and take yourself out of the running for fun maker of the year in the first five hours of the party.  Make sure you don’t get over excited and ruin yourself that first night for the rest of the weekend.  Be safe with any of your indulgences and remember at the end of the day, the best times you will have at a doof will be when you are yourself and sober.  

7.Worrying About Your Phone

Looking at your phone is just plain silly. It doesn’t have reception, ever.  The whole point is to escape that shiz-nit anyway. So instead of being stuck in the haze, how about you walk up to a random and strike up a conversation…the weather is always a crowd pleaser.

If you make great friends and want to keep in touch, we had this crazy stuff before phones called pen and paper, how about jotting down their number and name with those nifty tools.

8. Bringing No Cash 

No, you cannot pay for that chai on pay pass. Always bring plenty of cash, you never know what is going to happen. Better than cash, bring things to trade! Water, fruit, hot food if you have a gas stove, all of these things will be appreciated by the many new friends you gain. 

9. Freaking Out if You Lose the Only Person You Know

Never be worried if you can’t find that buddy you came along with to the bush party, two hours off the beaten track, in the middle of nowhere, where everyone is acting like crazy people… Think of everyone as your friend that you haven’t met yet! Try roaming the site for a bit and gather as many lone people as you can and create a dance tribe!

10. Being Afraid to Let Loose on the Dancefloor

There is nothing more amazing and exciting then fully letting loose on the dancefloor.  If you are worried about what people are thinking of you when you get your dance on, you will miss out on some incredible dance energy and vibes. Close your eyes,  focus on your breath and just listen.  Become one with the music and have a blast! 100% let go and trance dance!

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