4 “Celebrities” Explain What They Think Bush Doofs Are

From Friendly Jordies’ cheeky piss take to Spiro Boursine’s somewhat smug analysis, it seems like everyone has 2 cents to chuck in when it comes to our beloved bush doof culture…


1. Friendly Jordies: “Bush doofs are just hippie jackass aye”

Friendly Jordies’ hilarious send-ups have become an institution for Aussie uni students in need of a little procrastination. His usual targets are the LNP, bogans and anyone remotely responsible for global warming, but in his rib-tickling “Music Festivals v Bush Doofs” our beloved subculture comes under fire. It’s a brilliant piss take by any standards but be warned: It’s so real it hurts.

2. Carl Cox: “If you’re not into it, then don’t come.”

It has been two years since Carl partnered with Stereosonic founder Richie McNeill to make his mark on the doofing world via of the controversial Babylon Festival. Doofers have been quick to judge Cox’s motives and legitimacy, but the popularity of his event speaks for itself. Here’s what he told Mix Magazine about doofs:

“You’re not going to get LED walls, you’re not going to get CO2, you’re not going to get fireworks, you’re not going to get confetti cannons, you’re not going to get any of those niceties. All you’re going to get is a raw sound system, some lighting, of course, and great DJs playing this type of music.

And I always said ‘If you’re not into it, then don’t come. Don’t come down.’ Because there’s plenty of people who are into it who will be the ones that will come down because they know why they’re there and I think once you’ve got a crowd of people who basically are all in it together, that’s the best kind of crowd you can basically play to and therefore there’s no boundaries to what the DJs can play, they can feel free without having to play all the big hit records to make the party work.”

carl cox babylon festival australia doof

3. Kristian Hatton: “Amazing mind bending experiments…”

Kristian is a much-loved permanent fixture in the doofing world. Coming up in 1990s Melbourne parties as a DJ, and now running Haarp Media, he’s got an unrivalled understanding of Australia’s underground EDM. While these days he has a very nuanced view of the doofing scene, he has described our outdoor festivals to Thump as:

“Amazing mind bending experiments in lighting, sound and social perception distortion…They weren’t always comfortable, but all the participants were amazingly switched on individuals who actually did dwell on the fringes of society and live their own way.”

kristian hatton haarp media doof

4. Spiro Boursine: The scene is cluttered with countless Earthcore clones.

Founder of Earthcore and once the doofing scene’s golden child, Spiro’s reputation has taken a nose dive since last year when he allegedly cancelled multiple events without issuing ticket refunds. He is quick to both take credit for the scene then bag it:

“I took the warehouse rave scene from the UK and incorporated it with the Australian bush land as a backdrop,” he told Vice.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Stoney Roads he said: ”People don’t realise it but doofs in Australia are actually at a low point to what they once were. It’s a life cycle, like anything. It will pick up and it will die down again. It’s just the nature of the industry.”

“I respect Strawberry Fields because they’ve taken an original direction with their music format and designs much unlike the countless Earthcore clones the scene is cluttered with today.”

spiro boursine earthcore doof

Oooook then.

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