A New Attitude to Drugs in Victoria?

A recent parliamentary report, containing more than 50 recommendations concerning drug laws, could be the first (baby) step towards a revolution regarding the way drug issues are handled in Victoria.

Although it’s just hearsay at this point, there are rumours that the proposed changes are what ‘normal society’ would deem as ‘highly controversial’ and what we would deem as completely logical.

Recommendations are rumoured to include:

  • Drug rehabilitation, instead of being charged, when caught with small quantities of drugs.
  • Drug driving laws having clearer impairment limits (we have been waiting for this one!) and including more substances (not so much for this one).
  • Reviewing the harm vs benefit of sniffer dogs at musical events
  • A warning system that can alert users and hospitals about new and dangerous drugs.
  • Independent reviews on drug policies and their cost and effect.
  • The option for pharmaceutical options for heroin treatment.

This report has been years in coming since MP Fiona Patten proposed the inquiry in 2015.

She said the proposal wasn’t about legalising drugs, but that it was looking at how effective the current drug policies are.

Apparently the panel who put together the report sourced some of their research from more successful drug policies in Europe and Canada – finally looking at more successful ways hey.  Well, it’s a start!

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