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Dust till Dawn at Pitch Festival

Words: Tori Biggs
Photography: Adrien Rossignol

The open planes bellow the lofty Grampians Mountain Ranges at Pitch Music and Arts’ second year festival delivered on their promise. The exceptional electronic line up was bounding with show stealers. Nature gave us tumble weeds, rave tornados (“Doof-nados”), glorious sunsets against cascading mountains and of course, heaps of dust.

Festival goers who arrived sans face mask might have aged their lungs by a decade or so, this one’s dusty people. The rave tornado swept through the campsite Saturday afternoon, lifting a few marquees a good 30 meters above head and following on to some stronger winds on Sunday. The dust played a part in the festival’s aesthetic also, it never settled. From dawn to dusk and in between, the dust cover could be seen way above head, but nothing could stop the stars out there, they lit up the festival site like a stadium.

If tech/house isn’t your groove, there was a delicious array of food at the Marketplace, and a tight selection of doof wear’s finest. Festival fashion was obviously on point at Pitch – originality, colour and shine-factor the constant theme. The pictured woman offered us a fifty bag, literally bags made of $50 notes which she cable tied to her handle bars. If none of the above stirs any interest, there was also a roller ring and a kid’s zone.

While daytime delivered an array of sounds, from RnB to disco and more ambient genres, nighttime landed with a thud at pitch – deep baselines sent out from unforgiving Dj’s. Len Faki kicked this off on Friday night, ear plugs would have been a smart move.

The Black Madona wove together some delicious tracks to perfection with her usual flair, but Saturday’s dark horse was Function. Closing the second stage with twisty wiring tehno and a casual bpm, this producer sustained an able bodied but ecstatic dance crowd.

Sven Vath’s set progression and sublime techno selections drew in masses, spilling far beyond the main stage pillars, a luxury that Floating Points couldn’t accommodate on the smaller second stage. This is a set that needs to be experienced hands to heaven, standing center point in the sweet spot, an unmatched craft.

Pitch continued their industrial, Berghainian aesthetic via asymmetrical charcoal and grey stages, towers of Funktion-One speakers and the wide, barren planes of Mafeking. While the stage was massively impressive in its simplicity, it also successfully delivers the vibes of an intensely wild and remote party. The lighting too was unconventionally simple, however worked well in accordance with the setting.

Pitch Music and Arts doesn’t falter on executing world class electronic music for those that suffer from itchy feet, we look forward to next year’s lineup.

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