And On The 23rd Day God Said: “Go Forth And Get Your Babylon Boogie On!”

Mustachio donning gentlemen in skirts and Hawaiian t-shirts are wiggling their shoulders round and round to the beat.

Ladies with neon wigs and glittery butterflies painted across their faces effortlessly boogie to and fro, kicking up dust across a sandy dancefloor.

A cool, playful Fleetwood Mac remix penetrates the crowd of boppers and jivers, sweetly seeping into their seretonin receptors.

Two strangers hi-five.

The DJ winks.

Everyone is smiling.

No one is judging.

Anyone can join.

Welcome to Babylon Festival.


In all my years of music journalism, I have never seen a festival trigger such a cult following so quickly.

Last year, Babylon was just a bushland baby debuting in a world dominated by established festivals with followings of fiercely loyal fans.

This year, Babylon – an outdoor extravaganza of all things free, funky and feelgood – has more than a few fierce fans of its own!

You need only look at online chatter, pictures and videos to see that this festival has the kind of vibe people want more of.

“Babylon is outside of this world!”

“This is a dream festival”


Babylon may only be in its second year, but it’s already marked as a “must go” on many a Melburnian calendar.


The Line-Up: WOW. Just Wow.


If the colourful, creative, convivial vibe isn’t enough to lure you to Stuart Mill Nature Conservation Reserve where the festival is to be held next week, the lineup will.

The program is absolutely packed with the biggest names of the electronic music genre, including:


Festival organisers have also carefully curated the very best of the best of artists closer to home – you’ll kick yourself if you miss Kalya Scintilla.

And, as with any top-notch festival, this year you can expect a wide variety of music played across several stages – each with their own top-secret theme set to deliver an array of good vibes!


Babylon Is More Than Bushland Bangers…


Of course, Babylon isn’t just about letting loose with friends old and new to an epically eclectic and electric soundtrack of the world’s best prog, psytrance, deep house, drum and bass, disco beats, tech house and more.

When you’re feeling more like a casual bop than a full-fledged boogie, you can enjoy a program of arts and lifestyle workshops that will leave you more mindful, healthier, and equipped to channel your creative side than before!

Oh, and while this festival is on, it’s worth noting that the rest of the state will be missing out on some seriously tasty treats. We’re talking thick, creamy home-made ice cream, wood-fired pizzas, Argentinean charcoal grilled BBQ and more superfood delights than you can poke a stick at. With over 17 food stalls and trucks to sample, you’ll be in for a weekend of pure culinary bliss.


Did We Mention Babylon Is In Some Seriously Lush Wilderness?


When it comes to festivals, the location can make or break an event. Fortunately, Babylon is set in a gorgeous spot at the edge of a nature reserve 3 hours north-west of Melbourne.

There’s plenty of shade, creeks running through the nearby forest, and not an ugly skyscraper or noisy traffic for miles.

Just remember to slip, slop, slap and slide or maybe even whip out your fanciest umbrella because it’s going to be a gloriously sunny weekend!


It’s Nice To See Conscious Organisers That Care


Cultivating the right atmosphere for a party is no mean feat, but Babylon’s organisers have gone all out to ensure that everyone has a good time.

Scantek is going to be used to ensure the event remains dickhead free (yeah, we’re looking at you, creepy folks and fence jumpers – don’t even bother).

There’s a big push to ensure the tree-lined campsite stays pristine as can be and the festival as a whole is green as can be. This means no glass (sorry twirlers), couch deposits to prevent dumping, car passes to offset carbon and no fire at all (sorry you other twirlers).

And, it’s a BYO festival with alcohol limited to two slabs per car – the perfect amount of liquid courage to unwind without having to worry about sloppy strangers killing the vibe.


Bottom Line: Babylon Is Going To Rock Your Fluffy Little Socks Off


There are only seven more sleeps until Babylon kicks off, and we can’t be more excited! Keep a lookout for our journalist Zach – he’ll want all the goss on your festival adventures and shenanigans.

Get final release tickets here: Babylon Festival 2018 Tickets

Keep abreast of all updates here: Babylon Festival Facebook Page

And chuck on a playlist featuring pretty much every artist that’s going to be there by clicking here: Drive to Babylon Mix Tape

See you on the d-floor dreamers!




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