Is This The Master Of Morning Psytrance?

You certainly wouldn’t expect this flute toting DJ to be just as happy at home in front of an RPG as he is weaving his musical magic to thousands. But then when it comes to artists – especially the talented ones – you never really know what to expect…


D: What are you listening to right now? Anything that might surprise us?

I have been enjoying a heap of new music, right now some of my personal favorites are Eartheogen and Smilk.

D: I love how you integrate natural sounds and real acoustic instruments into your electronic music. Have any artists inspired the fusion of old and new you’ve mastered?

Yes I would say that Shpongle and 1200 Micrograms we’re both huge influences for my world fusion. Another big source of that inspiration comes from my deep delves into the fantasy genre & RPGs.

D: How many instruments can you play? How many can you play at once?

I can sing, play a little guitar, and play flutes. At once would definitely be something I have yet to do haha.

D: Are you a spiritual person? Do you view yourself as a creation? What are your thoughts on the acts of creation and life giving which humans are capable of?

I don’t think I am a spiritual person, but there have been times I’ve questioned that. Life is definitely a complex and long thing, and I am far from done with it – that’s kind of like asking what the end of the movie is halfway through watching it

D: Do you ever suffer from anxiety? How do you cope?

I definitely suffer from anxiety, at heart I feel I’m an introvert. Finding someone to initiate a good conversation with actually really helps, other times I’ve found it’s best to be alone and process things.

D: Can you give three words to describe how you feel about 2018?

Connection – Happiness – Growth

D: Have you played many Australian festivals, if so, what’s the vibe like compared to other countries?

I have definitely played many festivals all over Australia, and a few in New Zealand and Tasmania.

The vibe is incredibly friendly and welcoming, but I also find this to be a blessed tenant of our global community.

I don’t like to compare so let’s talk about what makes Australia unique. I think being isolated here and having the mix of urban life right next to such ancient nature has created a truly one of a kind sound for the electronic music here.. That’s really quite special!!

D: Why do you think people go to outdoor festivals and parties? What are they looking for?

That’s another thing that’s so amazing about our scene. It’s completely infinite and individual, what draws us to gather. Definitely dancing together under the moon though, as it’s something our species has done since before recorded time.

D: Biggest pro and biggest con of the DJ life?

I’d say biggest pro is life experience, I’ve had such a rich life full of things to be thankful for. Sunrises in Guatemala, playing for a massive crowd in the pouring summer rains in Canada, traveling through the mesas of Mexico to see petroglyphs of my Mayan people. Swimming in the Indian ocean off Rottnest Island. Exploring the jungles of The Daintree rainforest outside Cairns. There are so many things I would have never experienced.

Single biggest concern is absolutely being away from my loved ones. It sucks, and is just something you need to accept.

D: Got anything you want us to plug?

My friends and I have something we’ve been working on for a while now, and it’s nearly time to unveil it to the world.

RUNE – Live Psytrance Band is coming… Stay tuned for much more soon 😉

You can see see Smokesign in the flesh at Earth Frequency Festival 2018. Get tickets here.

Or, follow Smokesign on Facebook or Soundcloud.

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