Rainbow Serpent Festival Says Hell No to N2O – Nangs are Banned in 2018

Organisers of Victoria’s Rainbow Serpent Festival have decided to put a blanket ban on the use of nitrose oxide (laughing gas) at this year’s event: No nangs, no canisters and no balloons.

A post on Facebook earlier this month announcing the ban as part of a fresh sustainability policy caused a fierce two-sided response from punters.

A supporter of the news said “Good on you guys!! It’s a real sad thing to see in the morning. Not a nice way to start the day for ppl who care about the environment! 🌱🌳❤.” 

“Next year we won’t be able to BYO alcohol or use cash to pay for food. Then it will be renamed Future Music Festival,” one naysayer said.

Organisers are, however, standing by the policy, saying they have tried since 2012 to encourage patrons to picks up their bulbs, but that this request had been ignored, so they needed to take a more effective approach.

“The fact is patrons have ignored our pleas so we are unfortunately enforcing a complete NOS ban in 2018 and we will confiscate any bulbs or paraphernalia found without exception,” organisers said.

Suggestions about limiting their use to campsites were also shut down by organisers, who said, ”We have allowed them at campsites in previous years only to still deal with empty cartridges, boxes and balloons at the end.”

The ban coincides with Rainbow’s ’10 Pillars of Festival Safety’ campaign currently being rolled out to their Facebook following of 150,000.

Despite suggestions from outraged Facebook followers, organisers insist that NOS bulbs are definitely NOT recyclable due to explosion danger.

“2017 saw our best year in landfill and waste management, and we only want to keep improving on that,” organisers said.

We say good luck to Rainbow Serpent festival, here at Dreamland Magazine we dig their attitude towards sustainability and safety!


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