DMT User Finally Shuts Up About Ego Death 31 Years After First Hit

A Brisbane man who allegedly underwent an “ego death” after taking the psychedelic drug DMT at a 1987 bush doof has finally stopped ranting about his experience 31  years later.

Up until just weeks ago, Astro Hypnahorse – a self-proclaimed reiki healer and gut health advocate –  had been recounting his first DMT trip in painful detail to any festivalgoer who gave him more than three seconds of eye contact.

But punters at Elementary Chakra Psyvibeathon III: The Cookening  recently expressed concerns about Astro – a man known to the doofing community as “a cooked cunt, but, like, really nice”.

“It was really weird, hey. I asked him how he was going and he just said, ‘Yeah good mate’ and kept dancing. I don’t even know if his ego is still dead anymore,” one doofer told Dreamland Magazine.

“I’m pretty worried about him. I’d say something’s gotten into him, but when I talked to him across the campfire he didn’t even list off a full inventory and schedule of substances he’d ingested over the weekend,” another punter who attended the festival said.

Sources close to Astro say that an outsider triggered his recent change of heart when she asked him, “If you actually did have an ego death, why have you been bragging about it for the last two decades?”

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  1. I didn’t get that on dmt, but I did see bougainvillea that had just been chopped back grow in fast forward towards me .

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