Inside the Artist: Merkaba/Kalya Scintilla

Earth Frequency Festival 2018

This month we caught up with Merkaba/Kalya Scintilla – one of the doof scene’s most treasured storytellers – ahead what’s set to be a banging set with Eve Olution at Earth Frequency 2018.

D: What are you most excited for in 2018, do you believe in new years resolutions?

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have NY resolutions, but I often wonder why we need a new Gregorian year to make a change for ourselves. I prefer new days resolutions.

I’m most excited to see where the human species is going in 2018; the past few years have been getting more intense, it feels like we are at a turning point… something big.

D: What are you listening to right now?

Lately, I’ve been dipping into a lot of old jazz and fusion, and Aussie prog rock has been tickling my fancy lately too. I also listen to a lot of ambient music.

D: Do you have any exciting new projects or collaborations on the horizon that fans need to know about?

I’ve been working on 2 new projects. Both of them are in their infancy, so it will be some time before I start releasing them.

The next chapter in the Kalya Scintilla story is well underway and Eve Olution and I are using the inspiration of travel over the next year to infuse the magic of the different lands we visit into its conception.

There are other Kalya Scintilla remixes and an EP that looks to fill the void from now until that album births.

New Merkaba material is well underway and I have been testing out a few new jams on D-floors over the past few months… with great response, I might add.

D: Can you describe your craziest/most enthusiastic fan?

I have a fan in the US who has been to around 70 Kalya Scintilla shows there! He also said he’s going to get the ’symbol’ tattooed. Quite enthusiastic indeed.

D: What are you most proud of?

Staying heart centred in the midst of growth and expansion. Speaking my visions and intentions out loud and creating and living them. Life is a canvas, and the paint is our choices, intentions, thoughts and feelings. That and a bunch of great music over the years.

D: Which three tracks of yours would you recommend to someone who is a virgin listener?

Merkaba: Mudra, Earth, Solar Ohm
Kalya Scintilla: Whomp Shanti, Yatram, Tribeoriginal

D: Who do you look up to?

Musically it’s anyone or group that create from their heart, not giving a shit about trends or judgement. I’m inspired by individuals that live and walk their truth and heart. Paul Stamets is a great example.

D: Do you have an artist or genre of music that is a guilty pleasure? Something your fans would be surprised you listen to?

Synth Wave and 80’s Retro!

D: How do Aussie festivals and crowds rate compared to the rest of the world?

There is a feeling of tribe amongst us Aussies that I can’t quite find anywhere else. There is also a grounded feeling, a realness, and a wicked dry sense of humour that I love, and miss when I’m away.

D: Is this your first time playing EF? If not, do you have any special EF memories you’d like to share?

My first EFF was 2010. Its become my favourite gathering in Australia over the years. When I think and feel back over the memories its a wonderful collage of awesome dance floors, top-notch music, ridiculous campsite shenanigans and just all-round good times with beats and mates in nature.

For artist updates, head to: Kalya Scintilla’s Facebook page.

To hear tracks now, go to: Kalya Scintilla’s SoundCloud.

If you want to see Merkaba/Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution weave some mythical magic through the sound waves soon, you can catch their tribal bass beats at this year’s Earth Frequency Festival. Click here to buy tickets.

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